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Prince Harry takes private jet to one-day polo match and has kit transported in separate car

7 thoughts on “Antinomianism”

  1. Can’t Me-ghan explain to him that polo is cultural appropriation?

    All that woke identitarian bullshit is just for the plebs and her media virtue signalling, she doesn’t let it affect her actual life. I mean, as if…

    In addition, Harry is just an appendage, providing leverage from trailer trash (which she actually is) into the glitterati. She will be able to dispense with Harry soon enough. Far too foreign for American tastes.

  2. Something to remember next time the overprivileged ginger twat lectures us about the planet.
    Apparently he founded this HIV charity, like we needed another one for this eminently preventable, easily survivable disease.
    Like all celeb activists he’d do better to STFU and just give away 20% the money he ‘earned’.

  3. Monkeypox has highlighted the gay communities shift in attitude when it comes to HIV and safe sex, the Netflix show uncoupling has some amusing moments when a newly single gay man in his 50’s is shocked by the sexual attitudes of younger gay men, it also (perhaps inadvertently) shows the level of promiscuity

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