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Apparently the Telegraph site is infected with “Phishing”

Either that or my antivirus has gone more than a little mad…..ah, it seems to be only the story about the desalination plant…

12 thoughts on “Apparently the Telegraph site is infected with “Phishing””

  1. People in the comments have been complaining about the same thing.
    My tablet has Norton on it, but it has not whinged, yet.

    I didn’t realise that the desal plant had actually gone ahead ( ie not bothered to find out) but, I think this might be an economic decision by Thames Water. It is probably humungously expensive to run and they can afford a hit on their reputation, because no one has a choice of providers.

  2. Given the Posh Gay Catholic Mafia that used to (?) run the place under Damian Thompson, I’d have thought the Libdemgraph was in more danger of monkeypox or maybe the Omicron variant of smuggery.

  3. We don’t need expensive desalination plants, we only need more resovoirs. UK is ‘miserable & rainy’ as euorophiles keep telling us

    Telegraph View: Water rationing is an unacceptable failure
      In addition to more desalination plants, new reservoirs need to be opened

  4. Since everyone’s shrieking about the oncoming energy shortage, maybe they don’t think they’ll have the energy to run the plant.

    Time to frack? And scrap the regs so you can build nukes faster??

  5. A few days ago, we were duscussing the Thunderbirds episode The Mghty Atom. Well that was about the Hood blowing up an atomic desal/ irrigation plant. Perhaps that’s what Thames Water are scared off – a giant radioactive cloud threatening Melbourne, I mean Canvey Island … Whatever.

  6. Some sense from Lord Frost

    Rationing is back – and Britain’s authoritarian greens are delighted
    Lord Frost says too many seem to think it is preferable to limit water and energy usage rather than to ensure a reliable supply.
    …Worse, we aren’t trying to solve the problems, but are instead telling people to “cut back – maybe you don’t really need all that water (or electricity) anyway”. We are being asked to change our lifestyle to match the situation, not the other way round
    Yet mastering our environment to make us wealthier has been a fundamental Western attitude of mind for 200 years. If we don’t do it, we won’t be successful for much longer
    Take the water situation first. No one can blame Vladimir Putin for the hosepipe ban. The country is just as wet as it has ever been. Met Office data shows that there has been no significant change in rainfall levels since 1840 and indeed the past 30 years have been 10 per cent wetter than the previous 30….
    …Meanwhile, it is 30 years since we last built a reservoir [despite population growing by ~25 million]…

    Shame he didn’t say get fracking and coal burning

  7. Good article from Laura Dodsworth She says that energy leaderboards are pointless, distasteful and creepily authoritarian and that reducing energy is not like food waste but an immiserating race to the bottom

    No to neighbourhood ‘nudging’ – energy leaderboards are no solution to sky-high bills

    “In October 2021 Boris Johnson pledged that Britain could meet its ambitious net zero targets ‘without so much as a hair shirt in sight’ as the Government set out its plans to decarbonise the economy. ‘Green is good,’ he said, and not ‘inextricably bound up with a sense that we have to sacrifice the things we love’”

    And in Telegraph:
    Telegraph View: Britain is gripped by defeatism

    Extinction Rebellion’s imagined utopia of a pre-lapsarian, pre-industrial past seems to have been accepted by many who should know better

    Britain will pay a heavy price for falling into a Net Zero trance

    We all face an apocalyptic financial disaster paying for the Government’s green pursuit, according to Ben Wilkinson

    Our bills have been inflated by repeated regulatory failures and expensive government eco-vanity projects. The £13bn smart meter roll-out bumped up our bills over the years, while the collapse of tiny firms that were allowed to take on hundreds of thousands of customers has added £94

    Soloution: End Green Crap and Net Zero get fracking and coal burning, sod ‘the future’ emotion bollocks, it’s now that matters. Future will do as needed

  8. Extinction Rebellion’s imagined utopia of a pre-lapsarian, pre-industrial past seems to have been accepted by many who should know better

    I’ve accepted it. Not that I want it, but it is what we are going to get. Good and hard.

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