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But how many community representatives are there?

British researchers have modified the blood type of three donor kidneys in a breakthrough that could have a large impact on patients waiting for transplants.

The technique could be especially useful for altering organs to make them suitable for black and ethnic minority patients, who are less likely to find a match.

Why are black and ethnic minority patients less likely to find a match? Because fewer black and ethnic minority people become donors. Which is an interesting commentary on altruistic community relations within communities, isn;t it.

Perhaps having community representatives reduces community?

25 thoughts on “But how many community representatives are there?”

  1. More likely the reverse: without a community you can’t tell aspiring representatives to put a sock in it.

    In this case, it’s probably about wealth and status; altruism is a luxury good.

  2. It may in part be because genetic variation across ‘ethnic’ (African) populations is greater than that across ‘European’ populations.

    The former have had 200,000 years approx to diverge from mitochondrial Eve, the latter only 80,000 years or so to diverge from the first ancestor to successfully make it out of Africa.

    A randomly-selected African is much less likely to be a good genetic fit for an African patient, than is a randomly-selected European for a European patient.

  3. hmmm.. According to Al-Beeb a mere 9% of donations are from black/minority sources.. In which the B bloodtype seems to be more prevalent, leading to even fewer possible matches from the pool.

    And while it’s a nice trick, it only removes 1 potential hurdle. That still leaves 100+ others…
    As usual, it will not have the impact so proudly touted by the headlines. Because Biology doesn’t do Woke.

  4. By the time you’d struggled to the top of the black community food-chain, you’d probably need a kidney transplant yourself on account of the stabbings.

  5. @Jonathan

    I’ve posed this question many a time to leftoids.

    In light of the relatively recent news that an x ray scan can determine a patients race with 99% certainty I was told that it was racist. A box consisting of capacitors, resistors and IC chips was literally the Fuhrer.

  6. I’ve always taken “community representative” with a pinch of salt since a Sikh friend told me his supposed CR was just some old duffer the Beeb had dragged out from the back of the temple that nobody had ever heard of.

  7. Can you tell me what race Rachel Dolezal is now?

    《Race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or gender expression, income, celebrity and social status are never part of the consideration when it comes to matching donor organs and tissues for transplantation. Organs are matched with people on the national transplant waiting list based on blood type, body size, how sick they are, donor distance, tissue type and time on the waiting list. Because these are the factors considered in organ matching, patients frequently and successfully receive transplants from donors of different races and ethnicities.》

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    It’s because black people are more likely than whites to suffer end stage renal failure and get listed for transplant.

  9. Stop being selfish BiPocs!!

    Did anyone else see that and think “is that a new Bloke in …?” and scroll back up to try and find where?

  10. @RlJ: the random old duffer from the temple is more likely to be representative than the activist presenting himself as a representative.

  11. Oh I thought BiPocs was a typo for Bipods. On my tablet I get C and D mixed up all the time. It is soccing annoying.

    Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

    ( I am pretty indigenous, I think. I have forebears from Wales, but we don’t talk about them)

  12. “Can you tell me what race Rachel Dolezal is now?“

    I believe she now goes by the moniker

    Nkechi Amare Diallo

    Which we all know is an anagram of

    Heck Milo I dare anal

    But as he no longer dares it, I guess the point is moot.

  13. “genetic variation across ‘ethnic’ (African) populations”

    As I understand it the great bulk of (sub-Saharan) African genetic variation is concentrated in a handful of tiny populations – Bushmen and Hottentots on South Africa, pygmies in the Congo, a bunch of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania (the Hadza), … and maybe another I’ve forgotten. There’s a pretty good chance that the African population of the UK contains none of these people.

  14. To be serious though. I thought that there was quite a significant difference between West and East Coast Africans ?

  15. I sneeze in threes

    From your link it’s not clear if they are discussing east-coast or west-coast rappers.

    “If you see the types U-negative, Duffy-negative, RzRz, Rhnull, golden blood, JKnull, Diego b-negative, or Drori b-negative, these are rare types in specific BIPOC populations.”

  16. It appears that the large/overwhelming majority of blood donors, organ donors and volunteers for clinical trials are “white” males (largely but not wholly middle-class) [who comprise a minority of the population] based on all the complaints we get that (i) drugs are designed to be non-toxic/effective for such people and (ii) that organs are disproportionately available for such people.

    I fail to understand how any honest person can blame the altruistic white males for this, but lots of people in the media seem to do so.

  17. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Why are black and ethnic minority patients less likely to find a match?

    Because black is 3% of the population and ethnic minority 10%

  18. I recall the Stephen Davies note that genetically speaking the odd one out of the following is the Igbo: A Fifer, a Sri Lankan, an Abo and an Igbo.
    Something like Africa having over 10* the genetic diversity as the rest of the world put together. Just incredible. But on this issue it looks like culture is the culprit, unless Paks and Hinds are represented in the donor pool at higher levels than Blacks.

  19. @I sneeze in threes

    Milo – well done. Shame he’s cancelled. Trump supporting immigrant gay & TV white guy with black BF was inclusion which destroyed diversity narrative

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