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To repeat the point, the argument in favour of having a state-run company — like an airline — is so that politics and politicians can trump commercial efficiency.

Which is also the point of not having a state-owned company: Because we prefer the commercial efficiency over the problems which come with having politics and politicians ignoring that required efficiency.

5 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. Can you fly me to the moon now?

    How much public money-printing does the “commercial efficiency” of airlines rely on, during periodic crises?

  2. Cyfmttmn?, seeing as most ‘crises’ are one way or another due to government action or inaction, it is only right and proper that they print money to pay for the consequences.
    Of course, WE will still be picking up the tab and that will continue until the plebs realise just how bad / evil government actually is and do something about it.

  3. Remember, remember – we used to have a State-run airline (Bloody Awful) and State-run airplane manufacture and State-run all-sorts. And a giant success they were too.

    A lot of people don’t remember because they were not born and thanks to State-run education they can’t read or think.

  4. Can you just give me free money now already, like airlines get?

    Addolff, can you show me where your assets were debited to pay for Quantitative Easing?

  5. @Can… – “can you show me where your assets were debited to pay for Quantitative Easing?”

    No. That’s the beauty of it. It’s like the perfect crime – you can’t connect the loss to its cause.

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