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Err, yes?

The party said it would be financed through an increase in the in the rate of the Digital Services Tax (DST) this year, raising at least £2 billion from the most profitable global tech giants.

This link between taxing Google and UK energy prices is what?

4 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. So they are trying to raise £29 billion from a tax that nets £2 billion? I guess unicorn farts will supply the rest.

  2. Can we be real, now?

    Wouldn’t just printing the money and providing inflation swaps on demand be much less violent?

  3. Real
    Who takes the other side of the swap? Or is that just your way of suggesting that we index everything and print money to cover the difference?

  4. @Mohave Greenie
    To be fair, the article does make clear that the £2bn from DST would fund a £1bn support for energy-intensive businesses – it’s not part of the wider package.

    I love the idea that Labour’s spending would be part-funded by not doing the Tories’ spending… ie they are implicitly agreeing with and relying on the Conservative’s costing calculations. Assuming they’ve thought that far at all.

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