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Every generation has ’em

Like many of my fellow Gen Zers, getting drunk is not on my agenda
Maddie Thomas

My personal foibles are symptomatic of a global movement by us, the young!

Been going on since Cain told Pops of the new thing he’d discovered, fratricide.

22 thoughts on “Every generation has ’em”

  1. How many of those unprepared to get drunk are prepared to get (properly) stoned though?

    As if that was, somehow, better.

  2. with my tight-knit group of 50-year-old friends

    So her friends are at least twenty years older. Quelle surprise.

  3. Fashions change.

    No doubt the next generation’ll gulp down the grog in torrents.

    They’ll be much more suave, sophisticated and up-to-date than the withered old wrinklies like Maddie.

  4. In my youth wearing jeans was an individual’s choice to challenge the status quo. So we all did it.

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Haven’t you yet noticed the sheer puritanism of the current thing? Asceticism for all.

    No sex, no booze, no drugs, no fun.

    And, to channel Betjeman, no minds, no breath.

  6. No sex, no booze, no drugs, no fun

    Everyone around her is a total stranger.

    Everyone avoids her like a cyclone ranger.


  7. For my housemate, a 2001 baby, all the bells and whistles and bar tabs in the world don’t necessarily draw her and her peers to social events.

    Jesus, what a neurotic, unhappy, reclusive bunch. Look at the prissy phiz on the writer: she has the skintone of one who’s not left the house for a month.

  8. OTOH I stayed with a mate in London last week and his boy, who is 19, seems to be literally the opposite. Loves booze, has dabbled with the odd substance and shags like a trooper. He’s staying with Dad for the summer but is only there for sleep, otherwise he’s out working or enjoying himself.

  9. ‘In my youth wearing jeans was an individual’s choice to challenge the status quo. So we all did it.’

    Thank you DiscoveredJoys!!

  10. You probably know this one:

    Fratricide is killing your brother
    Matricide, ditto mother
    Patricide, ditto father
    Regicide, ditto king
    Countryside, killing Piers Morgan

    Boom, boom …

  11. Give her a black cloak and hat and she’d be the spitting image of a 17th century Puritan.

    Or a witch who the Puritans would drown. One or the other.

  12. “Generation Z don’t drink”…??? I suggest that she watches a couple of episodes of Channel 4’s “Night Coppers” – filmed in Brighton!

  13. As we regard it as unadulterated shite, perhaps it’s tailor-made for the Grauniad’s readership, who lap it up and give the writers glowing reviews in whatever passes for the Graun’s customer survey stuff. Or perhaps the Graun is one big welfare operation for a particularly narrow slice of distressed ‘gentlefolk’ who have to write something for their daily ciabatta & prosecco.

  14. Getting drunk was never on my agenda, nevertheless it happened a couple of times in my youth.
    If someone is setting out to get drunk, the alternatives can’t be much good.

  15. I think for many, getting drunk is a side effect of going out and having a social life.
    If this lass is removing herself herself from the pool of all the other fun loving youngsters I think that’s a win for everybody n’est-ce pas? Let’s just hope she doesn’t breed.

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