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Flatten the curve then

Cases are doubling every fortnight, with 27,000 forecast in Europe alone by August 2.

In Britain, 97 per cent of cases of cases are among men who have sex with men. Just 22 patients are women. The UKHSA says sexual networks are the “primary route” of transmission and that there is “no robust evidence” that monkeypox would sustain itself outside of these circles.

If that subset of homosexual men that are wildly promiscuous could just remain monogamous for a month then we’d be done, wouldn’t we? Doesn’t seem that much to ask to be honest.

13 thoughts on “Flatten the curve then”

  1. Lol. In modern progressivism the bumders are holy, and bumming is the taking of communion.

    Asking for a temporary period of abstinence is racist, homophobic, patriarchy etc

  2. San Francisco’s annual “Up Your Alley” gay fetish festival will go on as planned, despite monkeypox being declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). What could go wrong?

    Pete Buttigeig has a golden opportunity to burnish his credentials as a potential Presidential candidate by simply stating the obvious. But will he speak up?

  3. I get the impression that it is too much to ask. It appears that for them the sex is like crack – they are dopamine junkies on the experience so they can’t stop.

  4. Julia – a risk is the horror they could unleash on the rest of us. This is a particularly disgusting case. Only one of its kind (probably)

  5. Julia and jgh

    I do have to agree with you. To me the obvious way to handle this was for all except those with Aids to get the old-fashioned smallpox vaccination. It takes about 21 days for the scab to heal and drop off. In other words, Tim’s month.

    As BiS pointed out in another thread, it’s evolution in action.

  6. @Tractor gent

    “Sex is like crack”

    That’s the problem but if they just leave each other’s cracks alone for a few weeks.


    Me too, and why exactly should I care?

  7. Bogan, ah, the Smallpox vaccine. A vaccine administered at the correct time (Vaccination rule number 1: never in the middle of an outbreak), one that actually stopped you getting the virus, that stopped you transmitting the virus to others, that didn’t have serious adverse side effects, that didn’t require a booster shot every 6 months and that didn’t damage your immune system, possibly irreparably for the rest of your natural. You know, a proper vaccine.
    (I felt like crap the day after the shot though…..)

  8. Sorry you felt like crap after your vax Addolff. I don’t remember feeling like that. Still, it was about half a century ago.

  9. The local health authorities has placed staff at a gay bathhouse offering smallpox vaccinations, not surprisingly they said there is no plans to prefer temporary closure

  10. Apparently, some of these people are banging *multiple PEOPLE* a day – not multiple times but multiple partners. In one day. Routinely.

    I mean, there’s promiscuity and then there’s fucking insanity.

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