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The Duchess of Sussex has claimed she was compelled to leave her baby son to undertake engagements on a royal tour of South Africa, despite a fire breaking out in what would have been his bedroom.

The Duchess, speaking on the inaugural episode of her first podcast, said she “had to leave” Archie with his nanny while she and the Duke stepped out for their first day of the trip, even though she was “shaken”.

11 thoughts on “Gosh!”

  1. Oh lordy. I had to give up reading that article.

    She’s a parody of herself. I am waiting fir her to say “I’ve never been to me.”

  2. That’s the career you married into. Suck it up. Sadly she doesn’t and we all have to suffer her bleating.

    I wonder when, if ever, she’ll take note of the increasing roar of STFU!

  3. The good women of Langa were deeply puzzled by her identification with them as a working woman of colour. The child care facilities they had organised collectively to enable them to leave their children in safety while they earned minimum wage, were a couple of containers.

  4. Is this another one of those things she classifies under “Her Truth”? i.e. Complete load of made up bollocks?

    Fuck off back to your trailer park Princess MeGain.

  5. Small fire breaks out in room child wasn’t in.

    And this, this harrowing, traumatising experience, leaves her “shaken”?
    So shaken, she didn’t want to go and perform her royal duties.
    Sounds just lazy to me.

    Due to an incident involving accidentally knocking over a kitchen roll, an unlucky bounce and some pasta cooking on the gas hob, there was a small fire in the Drakon kitchen a few months ago. While both myself, Mrs Drakon and our hatchling were all present in the room! We could all have been killed! The horror!

    Fortunately, us dragons are made of sterner stuff than our delicate Duchess here. After dumping the raging inferno that used to be a roll of kitchen, erm, roll in the sink and turning the tap on, I got ready and went and did a night shift.
    I bet you’re all* thinking: “What a display of strength of character!”

    It appears our Duchess is a huge snowflake…

    *Mrs Drakon was vocally thinking “You clumsy twat. Be careful.”

  6. …and the fire, if true, was in Frogmore ‘Cottage” in UK while Archie and The Wokes in SA

    Meghan Markle’s podcast utter drivel

    House fires, bombs: been there, disruptive. Carry on as normal

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