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Gosh, so how did this happen?

How organised crime took over a Liverpool suburb

I thought they’d taken the council away from the Labour Party up there……

10 thoughts on “Gosh, so how did this happen?”

  1. The whole gang must take some responsibility for the murder of that child. Mass executions would help. Respectively applied to the prison population it could relieve some of the overcrowding.

  2. Are the gangs disproportionately blacks, Irish, Pikeys, or just a haphazard collection of local psychopaths?

    The names they report don’t seem to be typically Albanian, so there is that.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    Not Liverpool but Manchester, the gangs are entirely nonracial. Blacks, English, Irish, and Pakis, all work together. Possible exception – Irish travellers, who stole cars rather than dealt drugs. Cars more expensive than the house they were parked outside, oftentimes more expensive than half the street, appeared one day with a UK numberplate, the next day had an Irish numberplate, the following day had disappeared.

    The people who get to be foremen are psychos. Most of them just being economically rational.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I have a cousin who’s father was really left wing and she went in to Social Services in the’70s on the basis that it was all society’s fault, especially the evil Capitalists and Tory scum. She went to work in Manchester and Liverpool.

    We drifted apart and the next time we got together must have been 25 years later, we were at the funerals of parents stage, and she had changed quite a lot. She wasn’t in the Tory Lauren Order brigade, but it wasn’t society’s problem either. She recognised that a lot of it was a lifestyle choice, especially in Liverpool.

  5. @ BiFR

    Bradistan is the same – lots of expensive motors outside shite terraced houses.

    How the police can’t prosecute a “Proceeds of Crime” against them is unbelievable.

    Only of course it’s not, for the same reason they didn’t manage to prosecute them for raping 1000s of white teenage (and under) girls.

    If only I’d been the DPP at the time…

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