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Hoeden off

To raise the chapeau, hats off here.

Bunch of Dutch lads in a rental out the back. By 4 pm yesterday their table covered with empty beers. It’s currently 7.15 am and they’re still going. That’s some hard work they’re putting in there.

9 thoughts on “Hoeden off”

  1. Lite beers are absolute genius. Half the alcohol content at the same price, so the jongens have to drink twice as much for the same effect, in fact more than twice as timespan of the drinking even plays some part.

  2. Indeed. I still remember how happy I was when the blokes (and birds) came back to the pub at the end of the street after the lockdown.

  3. Never understood this. If I want to sit around drinking beer all day, I can do that in my home town (and I have done); I don’t need to go to foreign to do it.

  4. I used to go on cricket tours which should have been named drinking tours with a few hours of cricket thrown in. As a non-drinker I was able to study this phenomenon at close range, and it appeared to me to be something approaching hard work for those involved. It certainly didn’t seem pleasurable to them. It looked like a chore, something they felt they had to do to maintain appearances.

  5. @Southerner: It works in Iceland, too, where the strongest beer is something like 2%. You simply can’t ingest the stuff quickly enough to get drunk. Otoh you can’t afford to, either, in Iceland.

  6. Jim: Like any consummate skill, you have to put your all and 10,000 hours into it to get to be good. I’m sure this applies to alcohol consumption as to anything else. I never got beyond the neophyte class…

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