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If someone fucks up by doing what I tell them to do

Then that’s different, of course it is:

Lois says:
August 25 2022 at 3:20 pm
“China has cut rates

Japan is sticking”

Turkey has gone against the herd and has rates close to zero

Richard Murphy says:
August 25 2022 at 3:24 pm
And it borrows in foreign currency and is run by an extremist so let’s not pretend it is in the mix

Because if doing what I tell people to do leads to fuck ups it must because of some extraneous factor, not whatever it is I’m telling people to do.

Venezuela wasn’t real MMT either of course.

This is also a wondrous defence of democracy:

Nigel Masters says:
August 25 2022 at 2:32 pm
Your definition of ‘facts’ would appear to be at odds with a significant majority of the population.

Richard Murphy says:
August 25 2022 at 3:13 pm
They are mistaken


10 thoughts on “If someone fucks up by doing what I tell them to do”

  1. nobody claims real fascism has never been tried.
    Tried & succeeded as well. I was coming down here in Franco’s time. Perfectly good country to live in. Relatively poorer then, but becoming better. And considering where it started from… Certainly a far better place than if the communists had triumphed in the ’30s
    Of course like much of Europe it’s now suffering the effects of MMT. Think I prefer fascism. At least the trains run on time.

  2. BiS: I’ve always said that the only reason Tito doesn’t have Franco’s reputation is that he had the the opportunity to say he was a communist. In every practical sense there’s barely a fag-paper between them.

  3. The tartan fascist government in Edinburgh can’t make the ferries run on time. In fact it can’t make the ferries run at all. In fact in fact it can’t even complete the construction of ferries.

    I suppose there must be a “no true Fascist” joke in there.

  4. Ah, but when the analysis is done on ferry investment ScotGov will be able to show that they invested more, and Pentland, Western, P&O and the others invested less. So ScotGov is good. Amen. And let us pray.

  5. Sorta OT, I see Mick Lynch wants to become a poundshop Arthur Scargill by asking for a year of strikes to ‘redress the balance in society’. Still he might get somewhere if Liz Truss doesn’t get her Maggie boots on.

  6. It’s straight out of the leftist playbook. Ignore the elephant in the room and blame some irrelevant factor. The resurgence of the Taliban is due to climate change. Inflation is caused by Putin. The recession is caused by corporate greed. Inner city violence is caused by white supremacy.

    I remember an interview with Tay Zonday (the “Chocolate Rain” guy) where he theorized that polarization in our society was caused by YouTube’s algorithm. Uh huh.

    Jack Dorsey recently said Twitter’s downfall is due to its being a company, rather than a “protocol.” Riiiiiight.

    Just a creative way to deflect responsibility while pulling on the heartstrings of the extreme left.

  7. The tartan fascist government in Edinburgh can’t make the ferries run on time.

    Never mind the ferries. They can’t even get the bins emptied…

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