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It’s glorious when this happens

She was later lured as a consultant to Revlon at a fee that was so beyond her expectations that she thought the monthly income was her annual salary.

Not that it has, to me, mind. But there was a metals deal where what we’d originally thought would be a 5 figure profit ended up – same first two digits – having an extra zero on the end. Yes, before the decimal point. Larger quantity, unhedged exposure moved our way, all quite delightful.

5 thoughts on “It’s glorious when this happens”

  1. My brother owned a small company which made the soft trim for expensive cars. He got work on a car belonging to the Sultan of Brunei, who wanted a Rolls Royce chopped in half and stretching. Most of the work was done by engineers and bodywork specialists who wryly shook their heads at the philistinism, and then thought of the cheque. My brother costed the job, and then added on a fair bit because it was the Sultan of Brunei. The project manager took him aside and told him to quadruple the amount, so as not to spoil it for everyone else.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I met the guy who ran Rolls Royce’s division that did after sales modification while on holiday a few years ago. He had some fascinating stories. he wouldn’t go in to names but the main line was upgrading them for security: internal oxygen, thicker glass, blast proof chassis, bullet proof etc.

    Some of the more amusing ones were a tropical fish tank and passenger seats that swivelled out, raised and tipped so that women with ultra short mini skirts could get in and out with a modicum of modesty.

    He never went in to pricing but he was obviously well paid.

  3. There’s a story from Stephen Fry when he was young and just breaking through, that his agent called him about doing voiceover for an ad. “They’re offering 25 to do it”
    “25 quid sounds a bit low, but I’m free that day, so OK”
    “No Stephen, 25 thousand”.

  4. Industrial manager to the young me: “I’ll pay you double your university salary. What do they pay you?”

    So I told him. “Good God, I’ll pay you thrice your university salary.”

  5. One August Bank Holiday back in the 90s I rang up Hills to have £90 on a horse running at Cartmel, taking the price of 100/30.

    The nag won, and better still, when I received the cheque a fortnight later it was for £3,000 rather than £300. The operator had inputted the price as 100/3. It had been the end of a very busy day’s racing, and the computer had done the rest.

    I did consider pointing out the error, but decided that it would only get some employee into trouble. Well, that’s how I rationalised it to myself, anyway.

    The interesting thing was my first thought when I realised the error. It wasn’t: “What a great stroke of luck!” It was: “Oh, why did I only have 90 quid on it?”

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