Journalists and numbers, eh?

Women may not live longer than men after all – study


A study has called into question the long-held belief that women outlive men, especially men who are married or have a university degree.

The analysis spanning two centuries across all continents concluded that although men have a lower life expectancy than the opposite sex, they have a “substantial chance of outliving females”.

Between 25% and 50% of men have outlived women, according to the academics in Denmark, who highlighted that large differences in life expectancy sometimes mask substantial overlaps in lifespan between the sexes, and that summarising the average length of life can be a “simplistic measure”.

The actual finding is that posh men sometimes to often outlive non-posh women. Which, given that the variation in human lifespan is greater than the difference in gender average lifespan is exactly what we would expect, isn’t it.


21 thoughts on “Journalists and numbers, eh?”

  1. Between 25% and 50%

    What sort of “study” comes up with a range that imprecise? Exactly how hard is it to note down how old people were when they ceased to be alive?

    On the positive side at least they understand what a woman is.

  2. I suspect one of the G’s interview questions for new hires is “Do you know anything about STEM subjects?”. If the answer is yes they don’t get the job.

  3. The average woman lives longer than the average man.
    “Between 25% and 50% of men have outlived women…”
    Isn’t that just another way of saying the same thing?
    Does it mean between 50% and 75% of women have outlived men?

  4. ‘The actual finding is that posh men sometimes to often outlive non-posh women.’

    In other words, being poor is bad for your health. No doubt that’s why the damn Greens are so anxious to impoverish us.

  5. “The actual finding is that posh men sometimes to often outlive non-posh women

    I remember some numbers bandied about years ago, that there was something like a 10 – 14 year disparity in the age of death in the male cohort in two areas of Newcastle – one better off neighbourhood* and the other, a typical council estate type area.

    * I am assuming such a thing does really exist???

  6. I wonder if they noticed any trends visible across their “analysis spanning two centuries”? Like, for example, modern medicine making childbirth far less risky?

  7. jgh @ 08:07, observations are just so….. passe……

    Everything one needs to know about anything on the planet can be found in computer models designed by experts , and where empirical evidence disagrees with the models it is the empirical evidence which is wrong.

  8. “What sort of “study” comes up with a range that imprecise?”

    Any study these days that ‘follows The Science’ eg climate doom, CoVid vaccines.

  9. @John:

    What sort of “study” comes up with a range that imprecise?

    It’ll probably be too do with different definitions of ‘outliving women’, which is clearly a stupid and imprecise concept. ~100% of men outlive stillborn daughters, while likely 0% outlive the oldest woman. So, pick your comparison population and you pick your stat.

  10. No doubt the study was designed to show that the wimminz are oppressed even in lifespan. I wonder who paid for it?

  11. So it was probably a sample of 4. Two women and two blokes, one of whom asked to be buried in a frock. Job done.

  12. John at 6:33am:

    “On the positive side at least they understand what a woman is”

    Or they don’t and that’s what has muddled their results.

  13. The 25-50% figure merely confirms the observation that women generally outlive men- Any number less than 50% will do.

    A ninety year old has a greater life expectancy than someone who is already dead, on average.

    It is my experience that for every year you survive your life expectancy increases. Just not by a whole year, except perhaps in special circumstances such as infancy in third world shit holes or for young males in conflict zones.

    Can I have a huge great grant to examine this hypothesis please?

  14. Interested

    This looks like the key thing:

    “The team ran this data through a mathematical model to estimate the effect on health outcomes with and without the junk food adverts in place.”

    That is, they didn’t measure how many were obese etc. They ran numbers from a poll on consumption through a model (which they created) and the model output gave them the claimed reductions.

    Utter bullshit.

  15. Some men are shorter than some women.

    I get the impression that so far that the vaxx is deadlier for young men than young women.

    Eventually the numbers will come to be recognised by the denialists. (See: two can play at that game, you leftist bastards!)

  16. Hmm, on this basis we can write “Women may not earn less than men after all – study”.

    What glorious news!

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