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No Love, you’re not

Emily Hamilton, 46, who was among 15 protesters waving pink and blue flags at the open session, claimed top names in the sport were privately supportive of her cause. “I’m a Harlequins fan, a trans woman and an ex-player of 18 seasons, but as of last week I’m prohibited from playing rugby now,” said the founding co-chair of the QuinsPride supporters group.

You’re banned from playing rugby against those your male derived physique will be dangerous to.

Just like you’re not allowed to play against the under-16 team. Your physique makes you dangerous to the other players.

Tough, err, tittie.

7 thoughts on “No Love, you’re not”

  1. I find it increasingly aggravating that newspapers pander to these freaks. “Emily” is not a she and will never be, no matter how much the sad old perv wants it and no matter what bits he has surgically altered.

    Do we address loons who think they are Napoleon as “your imperial majesty”?

    Meanwhile, it is women’s rugby getting messed about by the loons, because trans rights and misogyny go hand in hairy hand

    And, if you’re clicking through to the article, just look at the fucking state of them.

  2. You might say that playing rugby against biological women is his trans-mission.

    I’ll see myself out.

  3. When Emily is prepared to go into the ring for 10 rounds with a super heavyweight, she’ll have grounds for complaint.

    Until then, “it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”.

  4. ‘No one’s stopping her from playing in a men’s team I suppose.’

    I suppose she realises that, if she did that, reactionary bigots like myself would say, ‘If the women don’t have to put up with these idiots, nor should the men.’ And the trannies, both ‘male’ and ‘female’, would be restricted to playing with each other.

    Hmmmmmm!! Should I really have put it that way?

  5. “We will not be going away until our voices are heard.”

    Well, we’ve heard your voices. Now fuck off.

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