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Not now Rafael

Then there is that other monster, the one that has become such a fixture in the garden that even the opposition seems not to notice it any more. Can we talk about Brexit? Not now, Bernard!

Britain’s self-exclusion from continental markets is not the biggest cause of present economic pain but it will be hard to imagine remedies in the absence of any rational audit of that decision or any reexamination of the ideological fixations that provoked it. But for Brexit believers, it is always too soon and too late to pass judgment.

Jeez, some people do bang on, eh?

15 thoughts on “Not now Rafael”

  1. Yeah, you still see such people in comments sections too. Everyone i see them, I think:

    Fanatic: one who can’t change his mind – and won’t change the subject.

  2. Still recall Rory Stewart telling a hustings audience that 97% of our lamb trade was with the EU. I’ve seen a lot of lambs this summer and production is definitely not 3% of what it was.

  3. Dearieme
    Yes, those still full of anger are a fifth column, like the old commnists. Their loyalty is to another country.

  4. What a fun game!

    Can we talk about grooming gangs?

    Not now, Bernard!

    Can we talk about the fertility crisis?

    Not now, Bernard!

    Can we talk about the planned demolition of our children’s living standards?

    Not now, Bernard!

    Can we talk about how Climategate exposed the absolute fucking lie that is the global warming narrative, but the establishment just doubled down on climate bollocks?

    Not now, Bernard!

  5. Steve

    Sheer genius(as ever)

    As you say – this game goes on without end…

    Can we talk about the impact of lockdowns?

    Not now, Bernard!

    Can we talk about the WEF and Klaus Schwab and the EU’s involvement in their activity?

    Not now, Bernard!

    Can we talk about the attempts to legalize pedophilia as an ‘alternative lifestyle’?

    Not now, Bernard!

    Can we talk about whether Russia being turned into the New North Korea is clever or desirable?

    Not now, Bernard!

  6. VP – splendid.

    Can we talk about the impact of lockdowns?

    The worst impact was finding out how many of our fellow citizens are easily frightened morons. No wonder Uncle Klaus holds them in such naked Teutonic contempt.

  7. When we’ve been out for 40 years, then we can have a discussion as to whether its been a success or not. Not before.

  8. Half the time remainiacs insist Brexit was about economics and sunlit uplands, the rest of the time they insist it was about racism. They are utterly wrong on both counts.

  9. Oh fuck off. Those who did not want to be in the EU banged on about it for decades. They formed political parties dedicated to banging on about it. If that was ok (which it was) then so is this. 48% of people didn’t want to leave and, most likely, at least that many would like to go back. You don’t have to pay attention to them if you find it so bothersome… but a bit of self-awareness wouldn’t go amiss.

  10. Jaques – speaking of fucking off, why don’t you?
    If it is legitimate in your eyes for remainers to bang on about it, how is it not legitimate for brexiters to complain about the remainers beating a dead horse?
    Your attitude seems to be that speech you agree with is a fundamental right, while speech you disagree with is an intolerable assault on democracy.
    Sorry, but that doesn’t wash, bucko.

  11. dcardo.. wtf are you reading? I said nowt about legitimacy. If you’re having a spat with imaginary friends, leave me out of it.

  12. Jacques Sprat

    Listen – I think Rafael Behr can carry on as he pleases, as I think Tim does as well. It does get mighty tedious when we hear the same old canards trotted out.

    I think 4 decades of systematic deception and the removal of vast swathes of control without democratic debate will do that to people. It took 40 years for the people to have a say on The EU as it is now (basically a federal superstate which was setup with almost no democratic say) so maybe 6 years (or less) is too soon to determine whether something has ‘failed’ or not. And with Euro collapse a near certainty will there be anything to return to even if they so desire?

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