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On that 20% RAF target

Given that the UK is some 13% BAME, then why are the RAF trying to recruit 20% such?

Because in the age group they’re recruiting from it’s more like 20% BAME. Which is an interesting comment on how fast it all is changing, isn’t it?

33 thoughts on “On that 20% RAF target”

  1. Camouflage is so yesterday. Military uniforms and paint jobs on planes, tanks and warships should be in rainbow colours.

    Over 5% of the population is on sickness benefit. A prime recruitment target for our military by the same logic.

  2. Half the population is below average IQ. So they need to be represented in the armed forces, Parliament, etc.

    Oh. I forgot. They already are.

  3. The RAF’s decline accelerated when they allowed them to grow beards. If they wanted to be in the Fleet Air Arm they should have joined the Senior Service.

  4. If you haven’t grasped the fact by now, it (IT being whatever cause, victim, special interest group is in vogue today), has NEVER been about equality.

    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

    ― George Carlin

  5. Twenty years ago, I taught IGCSE English to a group of sailors at HMS Nelson in Portsmouth. One of the blokes in the class was in “Phots”, which I believe used to do reconnaissance photography but now specialises in dramatic-looking shots of ships and kit for internal comms newspapers and recruitment ads.

    His main grumble was that he had been instructed to include black faces in shots of crew, but that it was difficult when the subjects saw you and invariably jumped up to deliver an animated rendering of “Camptown Races”.

  6. At the last census, blacks comprised 3% of the 13% of minorities in the UK.

    This doesn’t square off as to why they are featured in, at a guess, 70% of media commercials, often as the focal person.

    Where is the representation of Chinese, Japanese, Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist etc?

  7. You wouldn’t want to bombed by a non-diverse airforce, would you? Or or deadnamed by the pilot who was strafing you? Corpses have rights, you know.

  8. Well, at least it’s appropriate that the acronym for the current recruitment policy of every organisation in known space is DIE…

  9. Kaneda: Dunno, there seems to have been an upswing in Chinese people in adverts, particularly kiddiwinks. Maybe I notice them because I’m from Hong Kong. I particularly noticed the lady saying “My homehelp paid for my holiday”. Oooo, that was nice of him. Oh, your home /helped/ pay for your holiday….

    There is one advert where I heard somebody thanking a deliverer in Japanese.

  10. ‘Because in the age group they’re recruiting from it’s more like 20% BAME. Which is an interesting comment on how fast it all is changing, isn’t it?’

    And what percentage of the 20% would be interested/competent to join the RAF?

    Meanwhile 80% of that age group are White, and if assuming a similar percentage of those are interested/competent to join the RAF, that is a far bigger number.

    Ultimately then when the stupid stops, all the vacancies that still remain due to lack of non-Whites will have to be filled by Whites and therefore the same imbalance will exist.

    Of course by then the official language could be Russian.

  11. Unfortunately most of the RAF’s desired demographic of potential fast jet pilots are too busy being aspiring footballers and rappers, or hosting BBC shows, or appearing on other BBC shows (Crimewatch).

    But let’s not be niggardly. If they leave out a scrap of flattened cardboard and a Bounty Bar in front of the new F-35’s, it’s bound to attract some breakdancers. Especially if there’s a shiny new stereo in the cockpit.

    I, for one, am glad we have the supersonic homosexuals of the Royal Air Force to protect our important core values of bombing Third World countries and shrieking gaily about whatever’s trending on Twitter this week. Good luck against Russia, chaps, chapesses and not-sures. x

  12. Anthony Joshua (boring chump who’s spent his carefully manicured career dodging better fighters such as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder) had a ranty meltdown the other day after being beaten by an older, shorter Literally Who from Ukraine:

    He also talked about several topics, including his troubles with police as a teenager

    Imagine my shock. If it wasn’t for racism he’d probably be an ace fighter pilot by now.

  13. Award for funniest Edinburgh Fringe joke just given to Masai Graham:

    “I tried to steal spaghetti from the shop, but the female guard saw me and I couldn’t get pasta.”

    Of the top 10 funniest, only 2 were from women. Clearly the patriarchy in action, although at least Jerry Sadowitz was not listed.

  14. BraveFart – there are two types of people in this world:

    (1) people who appreciate Jerry Sadowitz’s hilariously offensive comedy; and

    (2) cunts.

  15. “Wait ’til they find out what Guy Gibson called his dog…”

    You used to be able to find the name on the dog’s memorial stone. But they replaced in in 2020. In case it offended anyone.

  16. Then why aren’t the England men’s football and rugby squads restricted to 3% blacks?

    (Mind you, does anyone actually believe the “3%” claim?)

  17. When they’re over-represented it’s due to their superiority, when under-represented it’s racism. Simple…

  18. BF/MC

    I’m sure Sophie got a good laugh from the sisterhood…


    1. Masai Graham: I tried to steal spaghetti from the shop, but the female guard saw me and I couldn’t get pasta.

    2. Mark Simmons: Did you know, if you get pregnant in the Amazon, it’s next-day delivery.

    3. Olaf Falafel: My attempts to combine nitrous oxide and Oxo cubes made me a laughing stock.

    4. Hannah Fairweather: By my age, my parents had a house and a family, and to be fair to me, so do I – but it is the same house and it is the same family.

    5. Will Mars: I hate funerals – I’m not a mourning person.

    6. Olaf Falafel: I spent the whole morning building a time machine, so that’s four hours of my life that I’m definitely getting back.

    7. Richard Pulsford: I sent a food parcel to my first wife. FedEx.

    8. Tim Vine: I used to live hand-to-mouth. Do you know what changed my life? Cutlery.

    9. Sophie Duker: Don’t knock threesomes. Having a threesome is like hiring an intern to do all the jobs you hate.

    10. Will Duggan: I can’t even be bothered to be apathetic these days.

  19. Wait ’til they find out what Guy Gibson called his dog…

    Aforesaid black dog was buried in front of 617 Squadron’s aircrewroom at RAF Scampton and it was the custom at squadron piss-ups (out of office hours), rather than traipse across the hanger to the heads, to relieve beer pressure on the bladder on the aforesaid black dog’s grave. As an occasional squadron guest I too have pissed on it.

    I just wonder if 617 dug Nigger up and took him with them to their new base.

    As an aside, I am very happy I retired from the RAF long before this woke nonsense took hold.

  20. PF: is Mr Graham a vibrant bbc “comedian” by any chance? All of the others in that list were better jokes.

  21. BiW: I think the voters were having a joke. One-liners are always a bit crap, though Milton Jones on Mock the Week very occasionally had a good one – so good I can’t remember any of them…

  22. Milton Jones specialises in one-liners, so much so that he’s essentially a bit character in his own half-hour radio show throwing in snarks on the activities of the “main” characters attempting to carry a plot.

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