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Spudworld is going to be lovely, isn’t it?

These are the lawyers whose actions need to be questioned. They are the ones who pursue profit without consideration of ethics and who seek to impose the law without taking into due consideration the injustice that can arise from doing so.

In some cases they are quite literally in my opinion the enemies of the state.

The lawyer who defends you from the state will already be in the Gulag, Comrade, the fate of all enemies of the state.

17 thoughts on “Spudworld is going to be lovely, isn’t it?”

  1. This cover from The Mail today is typical of the attacks on lawyers. In this case, lawyers wanting enough pay to do the job society asks of them is enough reason to attack them. It’s appalling that day in, day out, being a decent lawyer involves abuse from the state and media.

    These ‘just lawyers’ are going on strike indefinitely until they get a 50% pay bump – and apparently barristers are ‘low paid?’ I have about 4 QCs in my graduation class – they aren’t shopping at the local food bank last time I checked…

    – ‘Woke’ apparently means ‘up to date’ and ‘well informed’ which in effect means Murphy isn’t ‘woke’ as he consistently displays the kind of ignorance that many assume can only be a complex form of satire. No understanding of economics, politics, taxation, financial markets and myriad other subjects – so definitely not ‘woke’ under that definition

    Then there is the small army of lawyers in tax havens, whose only reason to exist is to undermine the democratically approved laws of countries like the UK. Why do we still tolerate their persistent assault on democracy?

    We’re going to invade a variety of small countries to ensure that the lawyers there are ‘bought to justice’. Fortunately I think the likes of Klaus Schwab may deviate from Murphy’s vision here….

    That’s what I hate, because their tolerance of this abuse is at the heart of their system of injustice. I don’t and never have tolerated this injustice

    In this case I shudder to think of the conception of ‘justice’ behind this particular incarnation of ‘Murphy’s Law’. Rather akin to the ‘democracy’ we see in the ‘Korean Democratic people’s Republic’ I fear..

  2. The universities are churning out about 50% more lawyers than there are jobs.
    No surprise that the thick end of the profession faces declining fee income.
    The government has a solution: make more useless and badly drafted laws to mop up the surplus.

  3. The lawyers are on the back foot from the start as everyone assumes that lawyers are all paid huge amounts. Some are some aren’t. Just like some businesses have owners who are stupendously rich and other businesses have owners that plough everything back into the business or who don’t make much profit.

    I know a barrister (same anecdotal evidence as Van_Patten) who has been out of work and on benefits for a while, taking up minimum wage jobs to live.

  4. Sadbutmadlad

    I agree – and indeed a number of lawyers in my office are former junior barristers who jumped ship because they could not cope with the initial penury. However, obviously if junior pay needs to rise I don’t think senior barristers are hard up. It is a complex picture but Murphy doesn’t do complexity of any kind I’d hasten to add!!witness his quadrupling down on his belief that banks have no need of deposits.

  5. SBML: That was always a complaint of my father’s: “Everone thinks that because I’m a lawyer, I must be rolling in the stuff”. He was never quite as down on his luck as your barrister friend, to be fair, but he drove a second-hand Astra and remortgaged the house almost as soon as the original was paid off. He had blue-collar clients who were better off than he was.

  6. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Then there is the small army of lawyers in tax havens, whose only reason to exist is to undermine the democratically approved laws of countries like the UK. Why do we still tolerate their persistent assault on democracy?

    Even though he isn’t German, I’m willing to bet that the only way Murphy can have sex with a woman is by insisting she dress up like Poland.

  7. V_P. I am reminded of a great H.L. Mencken quote (one of many):”Explanations exist; they have existed for all time; there is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat*, plausible, and wrong”.

    * = Simple.

  8. I think it is important not to lump all barristers in the same pot. The ones who coin it in are generally those who specialise in civil or commercial law where the pickings are indeed big once one is established – the guys like Jolyolyon.

    Where the problem lies is with barristers who do criminal work and the government cut-backs and restrictions on Legal Aid have made criminal law a loss-making business for barristers and solicitors alike. Not all those who are hauled before the courts are guilty as charged – and even those who are are entitled to reasonably competent representation. The police and CPS are not exemplars of honesty and professionalism so for that reason alone it is incumbent that those who fall into their clutches get a fair go. Junior barristers on the criminal circuit work extremely hard and deserve to be paid fairly.

  9. A couple of years ago I was obliged to attend a criminal trial. The legal aid defence barrister was so obviously useless the judge had to remind him he was acting for the defence. The guy must have been in his fifties, or more.

  10. asiaseen

    I think the issue of judicial reform should certainly be on the agenda of a potential new government, which would include looking at pay scales for Junior barristers. My first comment was around Murphy’s categorization of lawyers as ‘just’ or ‘unjust’ which is literally taken almost straight out of the playbook of the late Roland Freisler.

    As with so many public sector funding issues – I think we all want to know where the money is going?

    – the armed forces have less people and equipment than at any point since the Glorious Revolution and further cuts are planned
    – our education system is generating woke morons incapable of tying their shoe laces
    – our police post tiktok videos at Pride marches while burglary clear up rates are literally zero
    – our infrastructure is collapsing around us
    – Government departments have been working from home in many cases for two years and service levels reflect this

    Where is the money being siphoned off to? If you look at North Korea can you in all honesty say their public servants/services are actually that much worse than ours?

  11. Addolff

    Murphy specializes in production of Imaginary hobgoblins – agree on Mencken. A veritable treasure trove of classic quotes…

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Debt repayments

    Pensions. And that cost is only going to increase over the next few years as more promises by past politicians get called in.

  13. @Van_Patten

    “Where is the money being siphoned off to?”

    Two areas principally. One is health, and the other is ‘annually managed expenditure’ – basically benefits, but the biggest growing component is pensions (triple lock etc.).

    After the financial crisis, there was never any *real* austerity, in the sense that government spending always continued to rise in real terms.

    But most of the other departments – policing, education, defence etc. did suffer 10-20% real terms falls in funding from peak to trough, to accommodate the voracious maw that is the NHS and the ageing boomers.

    Unfortunately it’s not going to stop, unless policy changes. So as the economy turns south again, the recent improvement in spending for all those other functions may erode once more.

  14. “They are the ones who pursue profit without consideration of ethics and who seek to impose the law without taking into due consideration the injustice that can arise from doing so”

    HMRC, for example, is more than happy to deploy armies of lawyers and the financial might of the state to pick apart the letter of the law and extort money for those it considers to have short changed them. Outgunned and impoverished as I am, am I not entitled to use those same laws in my own defence?
    To state that “seeking to impose the law” is an injustice, when he is more than happy to crow about the same technique being used by those that subscribe to his own warped world view, tells us everything we need to know about him and his facist ilk. What a horrid little man.

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