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So, reading some Humphrey Littleton, as one does. Come to a break in the writing, the last line of which is his son looking at Churchill’s funeral and asking “Is everyone put to death when they reach 91?”

Put down the book, about to potter off for a wee, or make some toast or something. A little break. My wife looks up and say “Have you seen Gorbachov just died. Age 91!”.

Just one of those little coincidences…..

12 thoughts on “Synchronicity”

  1. My favourite Lyttleton quotation, from ISIHAC: “If anyone has been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme, for heavens sake, get a life!”

  2. This round is based on Life on Mars, where a somebody falls into a coma and thinks he’s in 1973. They’ve stolen my life!

  3. Didn’t he get expelled from Eton for flying to France for lunch (presumably without an exeat chit), in a borrowed Tiger Moth?

  4. Good musicians are all dead aged 27.
    Bad musicians annoy you until they are are 91.
    Humphrey Littleton played jazz.

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