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That being the whole point of it

Schumer has said he hopes the Senate can begin voting on the bill – known as the Inflation Reduction Act – on Saturday. Passage by the House, which Democrats control narrowly, could come next week.

Final congressional approval of the election-year measure would be a marquee achievement for Joe Biden and his party, notching an accomplishment they could tout to voters as November approaches.

It’s not, to be honest, a good bill. But it is something that can be waved at the hustings. And therefore…..

All of which proves that politics isn’t a great way to run things really……

13 thoughts on “That being the whole point of it”

  1. Eh, no. The whole point of it is to steal everything they can get their hands on before the impoverished and enraged citizenry bring lions.

    Manchin, who has made millions of dollars from his ownership of a coal-trading firm, made an abrupt U-turn last week and announced support for $369bn in spending to support renewable energy and reduce emissions.

    I wonder how many millions he made by switching his vote.

  2. One assumes pork, pork and more pork.

    One item I have been able to identify is to increase the government subsidy to manufacturers of electric vehicles (either made in or using components etc from China).

    In a country that largely can’t afford gas and is already p issed off by Buttigieg telling them to switch to unaffordable EV’s this, if properly marketed by the Republicans, will go down like a cup of cold sick with the electorate come November.

  3. I naturally have no time for ev’s myself. I expect my quarter of a century old car to outlast me.

    But what I really wonder about is the charging. I find it difficult to imagine the windmills coping.

  4. ‘ But it is something that can be waved at the hustings.’

    But who will be waving it? The Republicans can certainly wave it to remind small businesses owners who are being raided by the 87 000 additional IRS agents, and have an increased tax liability, to remind the general public that it’s another few percent on inflation, that Manchin was bribed.

  5. Yes, I think Manchin just announced his retirement from the senate; presumably the leaving package is suitable.

  6. @Boganboy
    It’s not the windmills. It’s the connection between the windmills & the car. The vast majority of cabling that comprises a national grid was laid down for the requirements of the time it was laid plus a bit of overhead. Cabling’s expensive stuff. You don’t go laying unneeded capacity. No one then envisaged what would be required for what is being ‘planned’ for the immediate future. Planned very much in inverted commas. In fact they’re not planning anything at all!
    It’s not just the main trunks from the windfarms. It’s every bit of cabling laid in every street & the connection to every consumer.
    Sure, you timeshift, so you move consumption into the hours where the existing grid capacity was underused. But you can’t timeshift ad-infinitum. Eventually you’ll be running at maximum capacity 24/7. Do that & the faulting rates are going to rise exponentially. No cabling s ever perfect. There are always going to be substandard points where the work done wasn’t perfect. Maximum utilisation is going to find all those. So the future’s going to be continual dropouts followed by surges at reconnection as consumers try to recover capacity they lost.

  7. It’s more accuratley “The Inflation Increase Act”

    @John B
    87,000 more IRS agents to raise an estimated $1 tax revenue for every $2+ taxpayer money spent

    Imagine Tesco selling £2 of food to all for £1 – bankrupt

    Pure insanity

    Kudlow: This is a very bad bill – Kill The Bill
    IRS funding incread by x6 – 600%

    Larry Kudlow: Everything in “Inflation Reduction Act” is ‘phony

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I hadn’t seen that cartoon before, its very good.

    And this is now echoing:

    Ostentatiously titled “A Bill for an act introducing a new mathematical truth,” the proposed legislation …

    Its modern equivalent being: “A Bill for an act introducing a new biological truth,” the proposed legislation will state that men can become women and women can become men.

  9. If politicians had any leadership qualities, they’d be able to convince citizens to contribute funding voluntarily. Apparently this bullshit isn’t popular enough among the public, and they have to steal everyone’s income to force it through. Almost like we’d be better off without a federal government.

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