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That didn’t take long

This comes in the wake of new analysis last week that calculated $2.8bn a day in pure profit for the oil and gas industry for the last 50 years.

No, actually, it didn’t. It said there was that much in economic rents and profits. And the vast majority of that was rents, most of which are captured by governments. Oil royalties are a thing, after all.

Tzeporah Berman is either stupid or lying, your pick.

5 thoughts on “That didn’t take long”

  1. If only NSW and Victoria had looked at figures like those when they decided to forbid that ghastly Gaia-raping drilling for gas.

    They wouldn’t be screaming for us poor old Queensland rapists to provide them with the Gaia-farts!!

  2. I remember 12 years ago XOM deciding to invest (gamble) billions to convert a disused welsh steel/mining port thingy for Qatari LNG import. Good job they did too. Only another few years and it might pay off.

  3. Tzeporah first came to public attention as a campaigner against logging, about the time that Greenpeace et al thought that spiking trees (nailing metal or ceramic spikes deep into them, so that contact with a chainsaw could injure or kill the faller or log cutter) was a legitimate tactic to prevent logging. She has always been a well spoken, but mendacious and malevolent, idiot. Other adjectives may apply.

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