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That left wing rathole

An insidious “far-left ecosystem” is targeting children in an attempt to radicalise them online, with experts warning that progressively younger school pupils are becoming ensnared in extremist ideologies, a Daily Mail investigation has found.

Teachers, police officers, academics and community leaders said there was evidence that long periods of unsupervised online access, compounded during Covid lockdowns, were resulting in children and young people across the UK encountering far-left groups in greater numbers than before.

Gaming forums, private chatrooms and slickly produced online leaflets or “study guides” are among the platforms and tactics used to introduce young teenagers to socialist, critical race theory, neo-Soviet and involuntary celibate (“trans”) ideas.

Grace Blakely was unavailable for comment.

22 thoughts on “That left wing rathole”

  1. “Teachers, police officers, academics and community leaders ”

    And here’s me thinking they were the ones who were doing it!

  2. I hope nobody radicalises my children before they’re old enough to get their dicks and/or boobs cut off 🙁

  3. On the topic of left-wing radicalisation of the young see this post today from you know who:

    “In 2016 I took my sons, then in their mid-teens, to Munich on holiday. We had a great time. And amongst the places we went to was Dachau. This was the first German concentration camp, located now, as then amongst suburban streets. …..

    We had not been in the camp information centre for long when my elder son, having read about the first internees in the camp in 1933, suggested to me that ‘They would have put you in here Dad’.

    It wasn’t too hard to see how he reached that conclusion. The early internees were political opponents of the Nazis. Left wingers, priests, academics, trade unionists, writers. All of them might have been described as vilifiers of the Nazis. I would have been. My son was right.”

  4. BraveFart,

    No, the Nazis didn’t go after “left wingers”. They went after communists and social democrats. Because they were rivals for power. Same as how Hitler went after the SA, even though they were Nazis.

    And you’d have to do a lot to convince me that Spud wouldn’t have most likely gone along with the Nazis. Sure, he’s all about “green new deal” today but it’s not really about the “green” bit but the “new deal” bit, isn’t it? He’d have loved the Reich stuff about full employment and government interference in business. “The government can create as many MEFO bills as it wants”.

  5. Bloke on M4/ BF

    I find it utterly hilarious, given he has blocked 20,000 people on Twitter, that he has the audacity to criticize anyone for suggesting that certain viewpoints might be ‘restricted’. PArt of me wishes the Conservatives had the courage to restrict extreme left wing beliefs. Anyway, as he said in a recent post ‘his beliefs aren’t extreme’ so therefore I presume he has nothing to worry about. I am hoping inflation hits him sufficiently hard he is forced into penury given his direct responsibility for it.

    And given the Green New Deal is implictly fascist (as opposed to Nazi) in its implications, his lack of historical awareness, though unsurprising is profoundly depressing given more than one institution of ‘higher education’ has seen fit to give him a paid position.

  6. Dave W and rhoda. I certainly had attempts at indoctrination mostly from Sociology teachers in the early 80s.

    There is nothing new ….

  7. “involuntary celibate (“trans”) ideas”

    What’a that supposed to mean? Incel ideas are very much a thing (more often associated with angry young men of the right than anything radically left but, sure, all things everywhere) but it has nothing to do with the trans thing.. nobody anywhere ever would call incel ideas ‘trans’ ideas. Poor editing, or has someone snuck something into the Daily Mail to make a point about them not knowing what the fuck they are on about?

  8. If you look at the link it’s actually a – poorly executed maybe – spoof of a Guardian piece.

  9. Aha. All is clear. It would be slightly funnier if someone had conned the Mail, but not slightly.

  10. @ Ottokring – My experience was around 1970, when my history teacher (who was a disciple of Chairman Mao!) tried to get the class to buy his “Little Red Book” – I refused. Sadly, and because of his extremely narrow outlook, my knowledge of British history is rather lacking. I wonder what became of the other students, who did fall under his spell…

  11. Gresty Rhodes – the incel to tranny pipeline is real, just look at Reddit.

    Lot of these guys are angry virgins who’ve been cooming to porn until it warps their brains into buying the rainbow knee socks.

    Btw I don’t think there’s anything inherently “left” about the masturbatory fetish lifestyle, it’s an accident of late-stage Western politics/societal nervous breakdown that troons, gays, and Mohammedans are regarded as a natural constituency for the libs. The only thing they have in common is their utility as a wedge isshoo-cum-battering ram against the majority of normies.

  12. @ bravefart – he’s obviously polished that memory, when originally posted bitd there was no mention of his sons “suggested to me that ‘They would have put you in here Dad’.” The fact that he can’t remember what he wrote a few years ago should come as no surprise as he can’t remember what he wrote yesterday.

    If the potato really thought the uk was turning into a fascist state he’d be out buying a black leather raincoat and furiously polishing his jack boots.

  13. Dave @ 1.45, they are probably, as we speak, in the highest echelons of the Government, the Media, the Education ‘system’, Civil Service, Police, etc. etc. (cont’ p94).

    If only you had been a good little drone instead of a free thinker subversive trouble maker in need of some ‘re-education’ in a state approved ‘facility’ (gulag).

  14. Addolff

    As I say on here often enough. A good example of one from my school who listened is a certain S Khan.

  15. “involuntary celibate”

    I’m currently celibate by choice.

    Although I admit it wasn’t my first choice.

  16. @Tim Worstall, August 4, 2022 at 12:07 pm

    Seems even here many are gullible twats

    Rather like WEFi Sunak’s take, but won’t happen:

    “People with ‘extreme hatred of Britain’ could be deradicalised under Prevent scheme”
    WEFi Sunak plans to widen the definition of extremism to include people who have an “extreme hatred of Britain”. Does this mean BBC, C4… Guardian, NYT columnists would be referred to Prevent?
    Mr Sunak also announced proposals to “refocus” Prevent onto Islamic extremism as the biggest threat to the security of the UK after complaints that it had tilted too much towards Right-wing militants radicalised over the internet
    [Well said]

    Now about Truss and regionsal pay:

    Nothing here. Any Timmy Elswhere?

  17. Pcar – it’s nice how Conservative MP’s suddenly remember they’re supposed to be conservatives when they’re trying to win a leadership race.

  18. Ottokring. Sounds like your school was like mine in the late 70’s with open communists promoting communism. We had two openly Marxist teachers one of whom was obsessed with teaching about the iniquities of the divine right of kings and class conflict as part of history and seemed to steer away from the curriculum. There was also a teacher of German (who was also a big noise in the local teaching unions) who was so far up the backside of the German Democratic Republic that he had stacks of copies of the East German propaganda magazine GDR Review for kids to read in order to ‘understand Germany’ and which were used as teaching materials. There was little as regards display and other printed materials in his classroom that was as prominent when it came to West Germany.

    These were not the only leftists embedded in my secondary school but they are two of the most notable. Others I look back on and can see that they were very left biased but were more subtle with their indoctrination.

  19. We sent off for copies of the Little Red Book (I seem to have misplaced mine) when I was in the sixth form, but we did it ironically.

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