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That’s clever

Illegal of course, unfair and all that, but clever:

The OnlyFans website, which allows users to charge fans for explicit content, allegedly hobbled its competition by bribing Instagram employees to place porn stars in a terrorist database, according to a group of lawsuits.

Performers who sold pictures and videos on rival sites had their accounts on Instagram — owned by Meta — wrongly flagged as containing terrorist-related material, which sabotaged their ability to make money, it is alleged.

Just another proof that the free market is extremely inventive. Will work around any system put in front of it – even if unfairly and illegally.

At which point the lesson isn’t – or should not be limited to – coming down like a tonne of bricks on OnlyFans. Rather, it’s a lesson for all of those who would plan. There are 7 billion people out there, many of them quite inventive. And they’ll all be striving to turn the corners of your plan to their own advantage. Yea, even unfairly and illegally.

20 thoughts on “That’s clever”

  1. Quite. Look what a great success the War On Drugs has been. Created one of the largest industries on the planet.

  2. One may also look at foreign aid, BiS. Trump is the only one I’ve noticed trying NOT to give aid to all sides in a war. He didn’t even give it to America’s enemies!!

    Makes sure the military industrial complex always continues to flourish.

  3. Are you telling us that social media companies don’t label content appropriately, or apply their policies equally among users? Well I never!

  4. Raises an interesting point, Mr B. Was the War On Drugs intended to reduce the supply of drugs or increase the supply of enforcers? I sort of tend towards the former because there seems to be a lack of any outstandingly remunerative deals cut with the cartels. They obviously didn’t think the whole thing through at the start. One would have a lot more respect if one saw a few DEA officials running around in Lamborghinis & $100m yachts

  5. Ah… Porn Wars 4.0…
    That particular industry has always been …inventive.., and vindictive, when it comes to competition..

    popcorn time…

  6. A tun of bricks. Bricks were hoisted to the work area in barrels. If something went wrong it came down like a tun of bricks.

  7. I very much doubt it’d be a barrel, Rhoda. Almost impossible to get bricks out of one. You’d do it with a pallet or ideally, something resembling a bricklayer’s hod. Where you can stack. But they may well have called it a tun. It could be where ton comes from. The weight can be lifted on the item.
    It’s always worth thinking why we have these measures. They’re the opposite of the metric system. The item doesn’t conform to the measure, the measure conforms to the item

  8. I don’t suppose Gerald Hoffnung was a bricklayer. Wiki says he studied at Hornsey College of Art. Not something one would want widely known. Closing may have been the best thing ever happened to it. Literally a barrel & it’s narrower at the top than the middle. So the bricks will effectively key themselves in. A half barrel? Still not very efficient. A good portion of the weight you’re hauling up & down is the container. A simple lipped tray weighs little & carries a lot of bricks. Two boards joined at right-angles like a hod & the stacked bricks keep themselves in place with their own weight. That’d shift the mortar as well. Can be simply pushed off through the open end rather than require tipping. It’s certainly what I’d make myself. Knock one up in half an hour.

  9. tun -> ton/tonne. The language changed from a specific container holding a standardised amount/weight, to simply the weight, either 2,000lbs or 2,240.

  10. Vinnie Jones used to be a hod carrier.

    I think the 4th Doctor Who did as well.

    That’d be a Tom of Bricks.

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