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The real argument

But advocates of the licence fee refer to it as a “democracy levy” and say that it acts as a bulwark against polarisation and fake news.

“Bild is now beating the drum for a world without public broadcasters where it can spread its Right-wing infotainment. We can look to the US to see where that ends,” wrote Sebastian Schöbel, an ARD journalist, on Twitter.

That’s the nub of it. No one would voluntarily pay for the sort of centre left dreck we push out and if that became true then how could we propagandise the population?

9 thoughts on “The real argument”

  1. German and Austrian broadcasters also have commercials, so they get doubly paid.

    The ARD organisation in Germany is enormously wasteful. I find it difficult to see how the BBC justifies all their regional radio stations. Each German regional State broadcaster has at least half a dozen or so wireless programmes as well as their TV channel ! Even then there are regional variations for the larger organisations such as BR, WDR and SWR.

    Interestungly the board of the Austrian ORF is elected by popular vote. But the turnout is tiny and it splits along usual party lines, with the Socialists dominating. The news show Zeit im Bild used to be the best in German speaking world, but has gone dramatically downhill in the last 15 years.

  2. Look to the US to see how it ends? Left-wing democrat-supporting TV stations and newspapers with a few exceptions. And the internet, which replaced MSM years ago but they haven’t found out yet.

  3. Perhaps Boganboy or other Antipodean cousins can fill us in on the ABC, but the CBC in Canada is an utter disgrace and makes no attempt even to pretend to be impartial.

  4. Otto, Sky Australia seem to do a pretty good job of being a ‘Centre / ever so slightly Right of Centre’ (OK, for the left wingers and the msm that’ll be ‘EXTREME FAR RIGHT’ then) organisation and have had a few contributors who call out the bullshit over WEF / Biden / Clintons /global heating (this weeks catchphrase apparently).

  5. Got to admit Otto, that I never watch the ABC. I scrounge my news by wandering down to the library and glancing through the newspapers.

    Oddly enough, even The Australian seems a bit more left wing than me.

  6. …advocates of the licence fee refer to it as a “democracy levy”…

    Blimey, what must its opponents call it?

    Names aside, many ideas have flourished despite savage suppression (christianity, protestantism, nationalism, [actual] liberalism, and communism to name a few). If your ideas need subsidies to survive, your ideas have comprehensively failed.

  7. That’s a good point @JK277
    There are a few current examples of higher income ethnic minorities suffering formal discrimination. It hasn’t closed the inequality gap.

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