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This is crass stupidity, isn’t it

Menopause treatments should be covered by private healthcare policies, campaigners have argued.

Women going through menopause or perimenopause should have their symptoms covered by medical insurance through their employers so that they can access hormone replacement therapy (HRT), according to Dr Louise Newson, who founded The Menopause Charity.

Many private healthcare providers do not cover HRT as part of their services.

Note the many there. So some do. Great, so insist the employer health insurance policies are bought from those that do.

This isn’t the US, where employer insurance is the only thing you’ve got other than the charity ward.

What is it about market choices that these twats don’t understand?

6 thoughts on “This is crass stupidity, isn’t it”

  1. 1. If everyone needs HRT it’s not insurance it’s a savings plan. There are over 5 million prescriptions.
    2. An NHS prescription costs 18.70 per year, or 2.50 per week. That’s not a lot.
    3. GPs – women, mostly – are quite up to speed on HRT and it’s a quick consultation getting their productivity numbers up. If you don’t like the first drug you’ll get an alternative prescription over the phone.
    4. OTC drugs are available.

    It’s a slow news day, or the silly season.
    Unless this is actually about transsexuals.

  2. £2.50 a week is in the ballpark of what I spend on antacids. Hardly an imposisiton on my lifestyle, or something I should have insured against or saved up for.

  3. If it’s a universal need – or anything like it – it should be covered by the NHS.

    What the campaigners are saying is that it should not be an option under private insurance policies, so every man who takes out a private healthcare policy must include the cost of menopause treatments in his premium.

    Are they demanding that the cost of treatment for prostate cancer be included in all private health insurance policies?

    No, they aren’t. Is *anyone8 surprised?

  4. Only it’s not a universal need – wimmins did without HRT for millennia before so they can do without it on either the NHS or private medical.

  5. Hmm, Natwest now paying for trans staff hormones etc

    Do they pay for wimmin’s HRT? If not, I forsee more lawyer enrichment

    Woke biting themselves again

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