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This is simply ludicrously joyous

Having had Covid before I expected to feel ill, and did. This is much worse than whatever we usually call flu. But I had not expected the fatigue to continue as it has.

Sure, I have been working, but probably less than usual precisely because of this, so that is not the real explanation.

That real explanation just seems to be that this thing can be vicious.

My appeal to people is based on the simple fact that getting this is not fun, and very large numbers of people are doing so. So why aren’t we trying to prevent that? It baffles me when mask wearing is so easy.

So presumably Spud was wearing a mask – it is easy after all – but still got covid. So, mask wearing prevents covid, does it? Or, of course, he wasn’t wearing a mask, in which case there’s some proof that it’s not easy then.

36 thoughts on “This is simply ludicrously joyous”

  1. Sleepy Joe has caught it twice in the last ten days and Dustbin Turdeau catches a dose whenever something difficult to deal with politically appears on the horizon.
    Jabbed, boosted up to the eyeballs, surrounded by others similarly so and yet it still gets through, almost as if there is nothing we can do to stop it ……not that that fact (which many of us have been saying since day one) prevents Murphy and his ilk ignoring the evidence staring them in the face and calling for more rules.

    And the answer to you question regarding whether masks work, is an unequivocal No.

  2. As Addolff points out. A large number of people are jabbed up to the eyeballs, wearing hazmat suits to take in a parcel and wearing triple masks, and yet are still contracting COVID. And if he had his way lockdown wouldn’t have been lifted at all. He’s still banging the drum about inflation being caused solely by corporate greed in his third most recent compilation of his Twitter output. If COVID is that debilitating how is he able to produce so much C$%p?

  3. If what I’m reading is correct, the vaccinated will catch covid repeatedly, and each case will get progressively longer and more debilitating, as the body is becoming tolerant of the spike protein. Its been jabbed so many times and given so much spike protein that when it gets a real infection it just thinks ‘Oh, another booster!’ and the immune system doesn’t really kick into overdrive to clear it. A process made even worse if you happen to take Paxlovid as well. So you get infections that hang on and on, and long lasting after effects (so called ‘long covid’). In Spud’s case it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person………

  4. Spud must have caught COVID about 14 times by now – whenever he wants an ego boost and for Pilgrim Slight Return to tell him how wonderful he has, he claims to be suffering from it!

  5. You need to be more sympathetic. It’s a terrible condition, Munchausen’s.

    Interestingly, the PP3 wears an FFP3. I’d love to see that – Hannibal Lecter walking round Ely’s shops.

    Why does the cvnt not just stay at home, rather than impinging on everyone else’s lives.

    Richard Murphy says:
    August 1 2022 at 11:42 am
    I always wear a mask – an FFP3 – in shops


  6. I’m the only one in my office unjabbed, and I have an auto immune disorder. I caught covid 3 weeks ago and it was little more than a bit of an achy cold. 5 other double jabbed people in the office claimed they were at deaths door. Same variant.

  7. If YOU conclude that you are vulnerable to getting sunburnt and YOU conclude that sunscreen will prevent that, then YOU can freely choose to use sunscreen. s/covid/mask/

  8. @Addolff Covid can be caught by hanging round neo-liberal websites. That he exposes himself to the danger shows how brave he is. And didn’t you just know he’d contract Ling Covid! Scourge of the Guardian reading classes

  9. A properly fitted mask acts like a snorkel. You will rebreathe a portion of your expired air, along with all the bugs and viruses your respiratory tract is designed to get rid of.
    This results in elevated CO2 levels and mild acidosis as well as reinfection.
    Masks are not just useless they are unhealthy.

    If masks were useful they would only work for people without beards. So we banned beards during the pandemic, didn’t we. We didn’t? I wonder why not.

  10. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Masks are not just useless they are unhealthy.

    Much like Murphy himself.

  11. Purely anecdotally, the wife (jabbed and boosted) and myself (unvaxxed) picked up a dose of Covid last week.

    Missus was suffering in bed the whole of the weekend with the whole panopoly of symptoms.
    I woke up Monday morning feeling like I had a bad hangover but went in to work nonetheless.

    After a couple days of feeling rough, I was pretty much back to normal. The wife however was suffering the whole week and was only slowly getting back to normal a couple of days ago.

    Not sure if this is a sign of man-flu being overly hyped and women being the weaker sex, or an indication of the vaxx having negative consequences on the immune system.

  12. I had three jabs but it was six months after the last one that I finally succumbed to the bug. I felt a little rough for a day, the following morning I woke with a headache and still feeling rough but perked up soon afterwards. I felt very tired for a few days.

  13. I’ve been double jabbed and have caught covid. It was little more than a mild cold for me. No aches, no pains, just a cough. No ongoing effects. In fact I had a worse time suffering from a proper cold caused by a young kid (who tested negative to Covid) sitting in my place on the sofa for a few hours.

  14. Philip

    I saw a guy in Aldi who had this enormous bushy beard, gamely sporting a mask that came nowhere near his face ( after restrictions were lifted). He reminded me a bit of Giant Haystacks, so I managed not to stare for too long. 🙂

  15. @BiB
    an indication of the vaxx having negative consequences on the immune system.

    Exactly that. I’ll give it 10 years after a tsunami of adverse effects before TPTB admit that the Covid so-called vaccination was a public health disaster.

    Replay of the Nuremburg Doctors’ Trials for those medics, politicians and bureaucrats responsible?

  16. Well, turns out I’ve got it right now. Unjabbed. It’s like a bad head cold: bit of a cough, very slight temperature, no real fatigue. Not like you get with ‘flu, anyway. I’ve felt worse.

  17. My mum is bedbound in a care home and she got it the other week. The care home had managed to keep it out through all the previous variants but one of the Omicrons eventually found its way in. Since then they’ve had a couple more incursions – it’s very hard to keep out.

    When my sister told me I said “Knowing her, she’ll sail through it”. And she has, with just a bit of a cough. She’ll be 100 in September but sadly she doesn’t know that.

  18. To my knowledge, I’ve never had Covid – all the LFTs and a PCR over the past 18 months or so have been negative. I am jabbed up to date with no ill effects from the jabs (Pfizer). Same for my wife, and she’s had a lot more LFTs as she visits a friend in a care home.

  19. ONS or PHE keeps telling us that one in seven or one in 16 or whatever number has covid at any one time.
    So if the infection lasts, say two weeks, then we can do a bit of arithmetic to show that the average person has had covid 4 to 10 times in the last two and a half years.
    I’ve not had it at all, so it must be a bummer for the poor sod who’s had it 20 times.

    Or maybe it’s just all bpllpcks.

  20. Neither I nor my wife are jabbed, and nor our kids. We’ve all had covid – kids at university back in 2021, my wife and I in March this year.

    Kids were ropey for a few days, but they had the earlier version I guess. One was on a year abroad but I picked the other one up when she was in the throes of it (end of Michaelmas term, around Christmas, she delayed coming home for one day but then I said fuck it, I’m coming over) and I didn’t get it from her in the journey home, or ever.

    Neither of them have caught it since, though a number of their jabbed mates have now had it twice.

    My wife and I were ropey for a couple of days, and tired for another couple. Not pleasant, but I’ve had worse flu and to be honest I’ve had colds that were about as bad. We did both lose sense of taste and smell for a while and I don’t think it’s 100% still. But that might be my imagination and it’s no problem anyway; I have always had an amazing nose and I can still smell stuff most people can’t.

    Neither of us has yet been reinfected. Again, mates of ours who have been jabbed have had it far worse, for far longer.

    My wife had one of those ‘Thank God I was jabbed, it would have been far worse’ conversations with a recovering colleague a week or so back.

    The woman was amazed when my wife said she’d had zero, never mind her ‘boosters’, and had absolutely no idea about the purported side effects affecting some people, because she only reads the newspapers and watches the news. She went away rather concerned, apparently.

    These appear to me to be very strange ‘inoculations’ indeed.

  21. I’ve had it. Not vaccinated and never wore a mask. I caught it on the Manannan going to the TT this June. Two days in bed with a sore throat and ague. A further ten days of the fatigue and brain fog. Unpleasant, yes. End of the world? No. As for stopping it, given that we haven’t stopped similar viruses, what planet is this cretin living on?

  22. @Chris

    That document tells you almost nothing about masks. It shows that mask mandates don’t work, but that is not the same as showing that masks themselves don’t work. If you don’t breathe through the mask, it’s clearly useless. Apart from not coping with beards (as mentioned above), one of the most common complaints I have heard from people wearing them is that they make their glasses steam up. If your glasses are steaming up, you’re not breathing out through the mask, but out around the edge, so defeating the purpose. If you look at how the vast majority of people wear their masks, they do not fit properly, so cannot work except by magic. If someone is sufficiently highly motivated to wear a mask on their own initiative, they might read the instructions on how to adjust them properly and get some benefit, but those who do so merely because they have been told to are wasting their time.

    However, I’ll also point out that the benefit if masks themselves is indeed doubtful. An infected person exhales virions at an estimated rate of 100,000 per minute. Infection is cause by 200 to 800 (says Wikipedia) – lets call that 1000. So in 20 minutes the infected person exhales enough to infect 2000 others. If they wear an N95 mask which blocks 95% of particles, then they’re only exhaling enough to infect 100 people in 20 minutes. If those people also wear N95 masks, the infection rate drops to one person per 20 minutes, or 21 in a 7-hour working day. And that’s with everyone diligently wearing the masks correctly all of the time. Of course not all exhaled virions will end up being inhaled – some will inevitably get lost and with good ventilation almost all will be, but it still means that in an enclosed space with poor ventilation, masks may slow the rate of infection but not eliminate it. Far more important is ventilation – if the exhaled virions can be whisked away to disperse outdoors, they won’t reach a sufficient concentration to infect any but the exceedingly unlucky.

    To combat a respiratory disease like covid, tell people to stay away from each other, because that is easy to do and easy to check – not wear masks which is very difficult to do (well enough to work) and difficult to check.

  23. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Nautical Nick
    August 1, 2022 at 9:49 am

    This is Humpty Spuddy, words mean just what he chooses them to mean — nothing more nothing less.

    On the subject of masks. I was at my GP surgery last week, without fail every member of staff, including doctors, I saw was wearing surgical masks with the straps crossed. If they’re not worried why should we be?

  24. Another anecdote for what it’s worth. First brush with Covid April 20. If that was what it was. I don’t generally catch cold or flu & it lasted too briefly & with too few after effects to be either. Nor could I put it down to lifestyle choices. Headache, slight temprature, loss of taste. Back to normal in a couple of days. Second 30 Dec last. Out to dinner with a friend felt slightly yuck. Next day bit evil. Much the same symptoms as before. Gone by the end of the day. Happy New Year! Think I know who I got that one off. They were self tested & quarantined by then. The only thing I’ve been avoiding is any risk of having the vaccine. There was talk of making it non-optional here.

    Masks. I’ve had to work with biohazmat kit. Pigeon shit in roofs can be nasty. Also the regimen around correctly using it. Going by that, the way people were wearing masks was a joke. Far worse than not wearing one as far as personal protection’s concerned. Maybe it might protect other people if you were infected. To a very small extent. Like that alcohol hand wash became a fetish. Still is here. Once it’s evaporated it’s gone. Touch your face, clothes, mask, the virus is back. Keep using the bloody stuff & you destroy the natural fauna & flora on your skin. Skin gets dried & damaged. Seen loads of people with what looked like mild dermatitis.

  25. Poor old gullible Spud accepted media, health and more “experts” without question. Not a good sign for a questioning academic

    Jabbed = never immune and higher risk of Covid infection, hospitalistation, ICU, Death plus “rare” adverse events and AIDS

    Took the jab(s)? Should have read the MSDS first

  26. In response to @LR

    I had Omicron, infected in hospital. Result: mild headache for 3 days then 4th day runny nose

    So awful nothing changed other than bed one hour early on runny nose day

    Bear in mind most infected “cases” have No symptoms. As I said back in Feb 2020: Nothingburger, like flu, keep calm and carry on as normal

  27. I have yet to find anyone who can explain to me how an ‘N95’ mask, which can filter particles which are 0.3 microns or larger can prevent the passage of virus particles of between 0.05 microns and 0.14 microns in size……

  28. @Addolff
    I gather the presumption is the virus is carried in droplets that are larger than the mask pores. Seems to ignore the droplets dry out, releasing the virus to pass through

  29. @bis
    “droplet” claim was dropped over a year ago

    Also, droplets would drop to ground fast, not float around

    Masks don’t stop viruses hence why surgeons not allowed to work when viral infected

  30. @Addolff – “explain to me how an ‘N95’ mask, which can filter particles which are 0.3 microns or larger can prevent the passage of virus particles of between 0.05 microns and 0.14 microns in size”

    There are two parts to it. Firstly, it’s like you being swept through a flooded forest – even though the gaps between trees are much bigger than you are, you’ll bang against a tree. The second part is that SARS-CoV-2 virions stick to fabric quite well (at that scale the electromagnetic forces easily dominate over gravity and airflow). So if they hit a fibre they are likely to stick.

  31. @Charles

    BS. As SAGE scientist said ‘Mask is like throwing marbles at builder’s scaffolding. Some blocked, most go through’

    N95 Masks are a like a football net ttying to block tennis balls

    Masks don’t stop viruses hence why surgeons not allowed to work when viral infected

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