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Given I am on antibiotics

Why’s he on antibiotics for a viral infection?

38 thoughts on “Umm….”

  1. Hypochondria?

    The placebo effect and/or superstition like masks, antisocial distancing, and CoVid ‘vaccines’ with regular boosters.

  2. Nice to see illness is mellowing the man.

    Richard Murphy says:
    August 2 2022 at 2:11 pm
    I trust independent Sage and not callous idiots like you

    What pleasure do you take in promoting untruths that kill?

  3. Is he faking the signs of mental disintegration that are evinced in his latest posts? It looks as if he is tending towards some kind of psychotic break where he will not be able to cope with the differences between the world he desires and the world he sort of perceives around him

  4. Perhaps his twin, about whom we have just heard stuff, is actually Spud himself, i.e., he’s a Jekyll & Hide double persona.
    There are quite a few moronic unquestioning followers of his pearls of anti-wisdom, but also many on this site, and others, who see the charlatan clearly. Could there be two aspects to this strange creature?

  5. No, one of the readers here (moquifen?) actually knew the twin for a couple of years. Also, I know that the twin worked on BBC radio Norfolk for a time….

  6. If Spud is Alan Partidge’s twin, that explains a lot. I expect he’s on antibiotics because the doctor is hoping for a fatal adverse reaction.

  7. Dennis, Just Dennis

    The most obvious answer is he never had the VID in the first place. He is a drama queen, after all, and where’s the drama in a case of the flu? Especially when you’re still advocating lockdowns.

  8. @Edp – i can unequivocally that Spud and his twin Jonathan are two distinct persons, having studied with Jonathan for 2 years and meeting “The Great man himself” on a seperate occasion.

    Personally i belueve that his mental disintegration can be laid at the door of the failure of “Corbynomics” and his fall from grace. One moment he’s feted as the father of corbynomics, then next he’s discarded. Since then he’s desperately tried to make him self relevant on the national stage, by sucking up to the scots nats, but even they can see he’s a charlatan selling snake oil. A brief boost to his ego was being hired by some technical colleges as a pretend professor, but that’s not enough. He’s gone all in on the green rubbish and his frankly ludicrous green accounting proposals as a way of propelling himself back into relevance – plus of course it’s a handy earner. I see no signs that he’s adapted his lifestyle in any way despite the so called climate catastrophe. When that began to flag during the lockdown he happily boarded the covid train with calls for permanet lockdown.
    I’d feel sorry for him , if he wasn’t such a cunt.

  9. “Why’s he on antibiotics for a viral infection?”

    Can it be that he has upset the local medical profession to such an extent that his GP second wife divorced him?

  10. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    Personally i believe that his mental disintegration can be laid at the door of the failure of “Corbynomics” and his fall from grace.

    I think you’re being too kind. Thinking Jeremy Corbyn is the right man for anything other than the position of parking lot attendant is, in and of itself, a sign of mental disintegration.

  11. Moqifen

    Absolutely – I have personal knowledge here as a relative is a friend of Murphy and it really fell apart when his ego wouldn’t allow him to take a position as merely an ‘economic adviser’ to McDonnell. He wanted to be the full Alan Walters and McDonnell didn’t see him as being intellectually strong enough to hold that role. Murphy took umbrage and since then has been on a downward spiral exacerbated by personal issues and COVID. Hence the profusion of ‘ideas’ like the Fair Tax Mark, New Audit standards, CLASS, Sustainable Cost Accounting, The Green New Deal and other things he hopes will be picked up and can provide him an income. His pension provision is abysmal by his own account, and if his thread on ‘potential economic failure’ comes to pass he has to know he is vulnerable as well.

  12. “His pension provision is abysmal”: even after divorce from a GP? He needs a better lawyer. Or did he DIY it?

  13. His pension or the divorce? Either way, that’s a shocking reference for the advice he thrusts on others.

  14. @ Dearieme

    He’s not actually divorced from the GP as far as I’m aware. They separated when she went dolally (during this time she miraculously was both unable to cope with helping bring up the children whilst at the same time played a full and active part in running the LLP) but last Spud reported, they are back together, suggesting her dolalliness was worse than first thought.

    I suspect his finances suffered a major blow with the Lord Ashcroft libel case.

    The case itself is an hilarious example of Spud in action and for those who don’t know the details on the 2009 case….

    “Murphy published an article on his website entitled “Lord Ashcroft’s Belize Bank – a supplier of tax evasion services?”

    It accused the claimants of knowingly and intentionally supplying or offering to supply banking facilities which enabled or assisted customers unlawfully to evade tax and which provided anonymity for those who had indulged in criminal activity and which enabled or assisted the laundering of dishonestly or criminally acquired funds by using the Bank’s corporate credit cards.

    … Murphy, of Downham Market, Norfolk, appeared to have based his allegations on his understanding of what he had read on a third party’s website, but that in fact that website said no such thing and its owners had subsequently confirmed that they were not making any such allegations nor were they even referring to the claimants….

    … Murphy appeared to have misunderstood the purpose of secured corporate Visa cards, which was a normal service offered subject to appropriate customer checks.

    Such cards were issued by other well-known international banks and met the strict requirements of Visa.”

    “Lord Ashcroft… accepted a public apology and a substantial undisclosed donation to a charity he founded – Crimestoppers – from accountant Richard Murphy.

    Murphy… will also pay the legal costs of the peer and two subsidiaries of BB Holdings – The Belize Bank Ltd and Belize Bank International Ltd.”

  15. It is utterly astounding that Murphy expected to be chief adviser to Corbyn and McDonnell! He isn’t a member of the labour party and only met them during the leadership contest. He was unbelievably stupid to turn down the peerage they offered him; it would have given him a public platform and a substantial tax free income for life. Since then it’s been downhill all the way. No other politician will touch him with a barge pole (except possibly Caroline Lucas), the unions and NGO’s dropped him like a stone after the fallout with labour and he’s fallen out with the tax campaigners (tjn and fair tax mark). So he’s now jumped on the climate change bandwagon as his last hope of a role and an income.

  16. “No other politician will touch him with a barge pole (except possibly Caroline Lucas).” I feel deeply sorry for the barge pole.

  17. He was unbelievably stupid to turn down the peerage they offered him…

    I thought Murphy was trolling for ermine, but didn’t get it. If was actually on the table… the mind boggles: first that such a person would be offered a position in the Lords; and, as you say, the idea that he would be too stupid to immediately accept it!

  18. As I understand it, he was offered a junior role as an adviser to McDonnell with a peerage in lieu of salary. But that wasn’t enough for Murphy. He wanted to be their chief adviser, with a fat taxpayer funded salary on top of the peerage. They refused hence the fallout.

  19. Knowing what I know about Murphy, it’s completely implausible that he was offered a peerage and didn’t bite McDonnell’s arm off. The greedy fat trougher simply couldn’t resist us having to call him “Lord”, as well as all that lovely money.

    Nah, I’m not buying it. McDonnell realised that Spud is a loose cannon and, in a rare moment of sanity, told him to fuck off.

  20. Sam Jones

    I didn’t hear anything about a Peerage although that is very much possible

    Aaa – don’t forget such a peerage would have been incumbent on them getting elected and his belief was without him in an oversight position they would lose so he may have refused it. I think McDonnell did rumble him as well – for all his rhetoric McDonnell is quite streetwise and cunning man (which is why he is so dangerous)

  21. Spud’s said he was offered a peerage. I’ve heard, independently, that he was going to get one as well.

  22. he was going to get one as well

    Talk about debasing the honours system! Lloyd George look to your laurels.

  23. @Tim
    Then why didn’t he accept it? Vermine is moneterisable. You could sell articles on cat litter to lifestyle magazines with a Lord Spud in the by. And the man’s got the ego of a planet.
    Unless he tried to bluff for both & didn’t have the cards to show.

  24. Spud’s said he was offered a peerage.

    If everything he said were true, you wouldn’t have much of a blog 😉

    He was “offered a peerage”, exactly like he was “told he was definitely going to make partner at KPMG”. Lying fat fuck.

  25. Martin Near The M25

    If he needs money so badly could he not get a proper job somewhere? Or is that too silly?

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