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Well, yes, quite possibly

My steamy Emily Bronte biopic will ‘p— off historians’, admits director
Frances O’Connor says Emily, her directorial debut about the Wuthering Heights author, is not intended to be completely accurate

Epater less bourgeois has justified many an artistic adventure. Thing is, the historians are no longer the bourgeois that need to be epatered, are they? What with their general chuntering on about colonialisation and misgendering skeletons they’re already rather worker than the norm….

6 thoughts on “Well, yes, quite possibly”

  1. A biopic with the avowed intention of not being completely accurate is no more than a means of hanging the director’s obsessions around the neck of the unlitigious dead.

  2. I’m in the process of writing a biopic draft of a film director called Frances O’Connor writing a film script. It covers lust, paedophilia, blackmail, and the correct way of slicing bread. It is, of course, not intended to be completely accurate. Just saying.

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