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Where I’m not today

Invite from last week:

We would like to invite you as our guest to the next recording of ‘Kalima Horra’ (‘Your Say’).

Your Say (Kalima Horra) is the flagship current affairs programme on Al-Maydeen News and is broadcast worldwide.

The programme is hosted by prominent broadcaster and politician, George Galloway.

We have a show scheduled for Saturday 13th August, 15:00 at the London studios.

Gosh, it is such a shame that I don’t live in England and therefore cannot appear, is it not?

Still, guess it about shows the value of my media profile…..

15 thoughts on “Where I’m not today”

  1. Ah yes their 3pm slot

    “Killing infidels for Pleasure and Profit”

    I prefer their more hard-edged discussion later

    “Infidels – is killing them and then roasting in Hell to good for them ?”

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    I assume they at least offered to pay your travel expenses?

    You could always talk about democracy in the middle east or some such.

  3. Do they give the football results at 5pm ?

    As lighter fayre they have the Hit Parade of Pop Video Hour

    This week featuring Kati al-Perri singing “I killed an Infidel and I liked it !”

  4. Interesting report on the radio this morning about the Salman Rushdie stabbing – nothing about his attacker of course, and although they mentioned that he had received death threats for his writing in the ‘80s, there was no mention of who they were from or what prompted them.

    And that was Sky news, not even the BBC.

  5. The only information so far seems to be that the stabber was somebody called Hadi Matar, an American of Lebanese ancestry.

  6. Richard – don’t worry, prominent Muslims from across the world including publicity fan Sadiq Khan have publicly condemned the frenzied stabbing of a helpless 75 year old man, who seems likely to lose an eye if he recovers at all.

    Oh wait, no.

    No, they haven’t.


  7. Boris Johnson said he was “appalled that Sir Salman Rushdie has been stabbed while exercising a right we should never cease to defend.”

    This while thousands of people in Britain have been arrested in recent years for expressing their opinions on-line.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Bet the Spud would have leapt at an invitation. Not too late, is it?”

    Is there a studio big enough for both their egos?

  9. But Spud is, or could be, in their camp. For a suitable position with adequate compensation, of course..

    I can see people still stabbing him, but after

  10. If this is where Jeremy Corbyn talked about “those” people, maybe we should call the station Al-Hasbeen instead.

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