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Arlington and Confederates

This does seem a bit off, more than a bit off:

Panel says Confederate memorial at Arlington cemetery should be dismantled

We don’t tear down monuments to the German dead of the wars – the dead are the dead, not political footballs.

Plus there’s the obvious point that Arlington is actually in Robert E Lee’s own damn garden.

20 thoughts on “Arlington and Confederates”

  1. Plus there’s the obvious point that Arlington is actually in Robert E Lee’s own damn garden.

    I thought the entire site was his estate, stolen from him by the state for choosing the wrong side.

  2. It is really getting all Nineteen Eighty-Four, or those old Egyptian dynasties, where your defeated enemies are obliterated from history – so resulting in nobody knowing they ever had any enemies. They’ll shit their pants when a new enemy turns up – what the ***k’s that????

  3. ’The recommendations are the latest step in a broader effort by the military to confront racial injustice, most recently in the aftermath of the May 2020 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.’

    In what way is that the job of the US military?

  4. “the dead are the dead, not political footballs”

    Tell that to the statue demolishers in Bristol or the students trying to get Rustat’s memorial moved out of the chapel of Jesus College in Cambridge.

  5. It does appear that this is gross racial injustice to those white southerners who’ve been loyal citizens of the US since the civil war ended.

    Suppose the one that comes to my mind is Jerry Pournelle, whose scifi I’ve enjoyed reading.

  6. Well on the plus side it will assist in the necessary compensation due to the convicted Felon and abuser George Floyd. I think there’s a bill to rename the CMH after him making its way through the house. Perhaps a fitting icon for the Biden era.

    Obviously a military that sees this as a priority will almost certainly ship Taiwan to the communists in fairly short order but that seems less of a concern.

    Boganboy – I might just pick a Jerry Pournelle book of the shelf tonight to have a read. Thanks for the reminder. Great stuff!

  7. When I think of it, my favourite Jerry Pournelle stuff is ‘A Step Farther Out.’ I did like all those science articles.

    I even think I’ve got a copy of it somewhere in the heap.

  8. Normal governments don’t recycle the graves of their war dead as ammo for Kulturkampf against their own people, but what element of the man known affectionately as PedoHitler’s regime strikes you as normal?

  9. PJF – I’m exhausted with these white folx

    Things Shaniqua is not exhausted by:

    * Indoor plumbing
    * Affirmative action
    * Chicken nuggets

  10. Tim

    Not sure if you have seen the article ‘The King’s behaviour already suggests that we need an Irish style presidency in the UK’

    He repeated his stress with a pen yesterday, angrily thrusting a pen that had leaked to his wife to sort out. It was as if all such issues were beneath him and anything going wrong was someone else’s fault when it was very hard to see why he could not have taken his own pen, filled with suitable ink. I should think he can afford a Mont Blanc. But worse, it showed him as a man who treated his wife like a subservient

    And of course blocking 20,000 people on Twitter and then suggesting ‘you’ll tell your brother about it’ when challenged suggests someone in full control of his temper. As does a complete ban from every outlet in the Downham Market Pubwatch scheme.

    Three myths were shattered as a result.

    The first was that Charles cares.

    The second is that he has the judgement to be king.

    The third is that he is learned anything about the importance of timing behaviour to manage media consequences.

    Having at least the appearance of those three abilities matters to be monarch, when the only real requirement of that role is to be popular. The Queen managed that, presumably with the support of aides. If those same aides have advised Charles now they have failed him spectacularly.

    Physician, heal thyself once more….

    What does this mean? I cannot be sure. We could just endure a bad king, who we have long anticipated. I might also be wrong in my reading of the runes. And there again, it may be this might lead to call for change more quickly than anyone expected, with Prince William no saviour in the wings, I suggest.

    To put it another way, the need to discuss the alternatives is with us. I suggested an Irish style presidency on the BBC yesterday. I stick with that suggestion. We need it.

    And what rough beast, it’s hour come round at last, slouches towards Ely to be born?

    Also doubling down on looking for an SNP peerage in the Scottish House of Lords in his other post… The leading post is a usual lack of understanding of basic economics. I do know its early but worth a mosey on over when time permits….

  11. ‘The King’s behaviour already suggests that we need an Irish style presidency in the UK’

    Has Spud seen the Irish president? He looks like an anti-Irish cartoon from 1899. Tiny, leprechaunish little bastard who’d probably be more at home living under a bridge or working in the Gringott’s Bank.

  12. The North has been rubbing The South’s face in the muck for ages. Hence the fuss about Thanksgiving, hence the fuss about the first Massachusetts colonists, etc, etc. The implication is intended to be that the New Englanders are the original, true Americans.
    Which they weren’t, of course.

  13. the dead are the dead, not political footballs.

    Except when they are commemmorated in the Yakazuni Shrine (apart from about a dozen of their number, all Generals) and the Chinese are in one of their usual “friendly” moods re Japan.

  14. I didn’t realise until this week that the Scotch National Socialists actually wish an independent Scotland to remain a constitutional monarchy. So Spud’s childish outbursts aren’t going to win him any favours with them.

  15. Dm – sort of, but the new American elite has relatively little connection to, or affection for the old WASP elite they displaced.

    I don’t think Joe Biden, Mark Zuckerberg and the imported Brahmin caste of Tech Wallahs give much of a toss about Roanoke Colony or the Battles of Bull Run, but they certainly do view conservatively inclined white men as their main enemy and may well resent them on a biological level.

    This isn’t really about “North” v “South” anymore, it’s a Global War on Normality of which the Confederate front is merely one flashpoint – the Gender Offensive and Operation: Eat the Bugs are just as lively. The solution, as always, has massive paws and a big swishy tail.

  16. Steve, Bull Run? Don’t you mean First Manassas?

    I am currently reading Custer’s biography by JT Stiles (who wrote an ecellent one on Jesse James), currently at the civil war, Custer was no coward but he was very lucky during the war. During one day 3-4 horses were shot from under him. Lot’s of pistols, horses and sabres.

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