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Because Willy’s managerialism has worked so well, right?

Bold action,” he suggested, was an imperative to relieve this “toxic combination”: “Cutting taxes, putting money back into people’s pockets and unshackling our businesses from burdensome taxes and unsuitable regulations.” Only thus could investment and growth be unlocked. Better that, he added, than “burying our heads in a redistributive fight over what is left”.

It is unsubstantiated hogwash – ideological faith triumphing over evidence and reason. In these terms, Scholar, exemplar of the alleged old economic managerialism, had to go. We are on an economic fairground ride led by fairies and fools.

Perhaps the entire economy should be run as well as The Industrial Society?

3 thoughts on “Because Willy’s managerialism has worked so well, right?”

  1. “Thus they propose untargeted, if generous, help for households but, because even they recognise the near open-ended costs, they have limited the help to business to six months. Scared of what may follow, business will batten down the hatches so that Kwarteng cancelling the proposed corporation tax rise will have zero effect on investment. It is also aware of the risk of blackouts this winter, unrelieved by the uncertain prospect of fracked gas on stream in a decade.”

    Why the fuck should businesses get any support? There’s a clear social/humanitarian thing about stopping chavs from freezing, but if you can’t survive without sticking a couple of quid on a prawn cocktail in a restaurant, you should go to the wall. Why should people who look at the price and decide it’s a bit steep pay via the taxman to prop you up? If there’s a problem with the supply of DRAM or stripper poles, no-one thinks that PC companies and gentlemen’s clubs should get propped up.

  2. The genie is out of the bottle. Each time they meddle it the economy it results in needing more meddling to fix the problems they caused. And it increases the public perception that it’s what governments are supposed to do. Thus calls for more meddling.

    Not sure how we get out of this spiral.

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