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CPRE press release

‘If ministers want to see more money in people’s pockets they should be delivering a massive programme of genuinely affordable homes not trying to bypass the democratic planning system.”

That is the programme, Honey.

3 thoughts on “CPRE press release”

  1. What is democratic about the UK planning system? It’s all rather 18thc, relying on people reading the London Gazette

  2. The planning process is *not* democratic, it is *not* a popularity contest, it is a weighing of planning law.

    Just because democratically elected councillors sit on planning committees does not make the planning process itself democratic, any more than having elected members of Parliament make going to war a democratic process.


    Just in case you didn’t know already.

    And they have to be faced down, otherwise we’ll never get out of this mess.

    Kudos to Truss for at least trying.

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