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Democracy is that democracy thing

Don’t legitimise is an interesting thing really:

Don’t legitimise the far-Right, Swedish PM tells rivals after her shock resignation

If we’re talking about democracy then it’s the people who do the legitimising.

Sweden’s outgoing prime minister urged her rivals not to work with the far-Right as she resigned on Thursday after shock election results triggered efforts to keep the Sweden Democrats out of power.

Magdalena Andersson told the leader of the Moderate party not to offer the Sweden Democrats a chance to govern in a coalition, adding: “You have a special responsibility to ensure that such things are not legitimised.”

If that’s the way the people vote then?

Or are we to have some set of beliefs which simply are not allowable in government? And, well, we probably do actually. “Kill the firstborn” is one that we’d hope folk would strive to keep out. But if there’s that set of beliefs that cannot be countenaced then does it apply only to the right? Or is there a left wing set that also cannot be allowed to be in government? A set which 20% of the population would/will/do vote for which still cannot be allowed in government?

Confiscation of private property? The elimination of the bourgeoisie? What’s the left equivalent, the things that would be voted for but cannot be allowed all the same?

11 thoughts on “Democracy is that democracy thing”

  1. Sigh

    Same with the AfD in Germany.
    These elite socialists really don’t recognise working class concerns when they are hit in the face with a haddock.

  2. Or the PVV and FvD ( and some minor parties at the local stage) in Clogland… ( well I can see the …challenge.. with FvD, but..).

    Any “populist” fraction is not to be acknowledged and ignored.
    The sheer hatred from the Socialists/Greens is palpable. And at times ded funny, haddock-wise.

  3. Not new at all – I can recall it at the time of Jean Marie Le Pen in France and when the BNP got two seats in the Euro Parliament. As you say, far more important for me that the likes of the Greens are kept well away from the reins of power. Caroline Lucas is far, far more injurious to me on a personal level than anyone decried as ‘Far Right’ by the Twitterati.

  4. No, we must keep in power those people whose policies resulted in my family being disturbed by a bomb going off in a neighbouring suburb this moring at 00:31. There was downtown one last month too.
    Yet these people are still surprised by people voting SD – the only party that will talk about this!

  5. @Raffles -> Wow. This bomb was until recently apparently mere fiction that populists had been talking about to demonise immigrants. A bit like the people talking about grooming and gang rapes of teenage girls by Pakistani men being told to shut up for the sake of diversity.

    The left appear to believe you should put ear plugs in and ignore it all. Until you eyes show you the destruction of a high trust society from the importation of culturally alien practices. Then you vote ‘populist’ as it least they were not lying to you all this time.

    The rise of populism isn’t over yet as the left continue to do what drives the rise of populism.

  6. Democracy means you’re allowed to vote for BOTH types of politics: Progressive AND Green.

    Anything else is, candidly, fascism. And we know that the only way to defeat fascism is by having an all-powerful state that actively uses its coercive powers to disenfranchise massive swathes of the population.

  7. If you elect children to positions of power don’t be surprised when they still behave like children once defeated.

    You’ve resigned dear, now STFU.

  8. Or are we to have some set of beliefs which simply are not allowable in government? And, well, we probably do actually.

    Nah Tim, you’ve failed to grasp the important distinction here. The belief ‘kill the first born’ should not exclude anyone from government; however, no government should have the power to enact it.

    This is the problem with the left’s view: legitimacy is determined by belief. Hence stopping immigration is illegitimate fascism to be resisted, while closing borders due to a virus is the only right response. Similarly, banning anti-woke heretics, Russians and other evil-doers is good; preferencing immigration from similar cultures is impermissible racism.

  9. The despots try to impose a constraint called the Overclass Window on what may be said or believed. Someone must have broken the pane.

    (Is my spelling quite right?)

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