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Well, there we go, got it from the fountainhead himself. It’s large enough in aggregate to make a difference, small enough individually not to be subject to Ricardian Equivalence and works fast.

The interesting thing about this being that damn near every Keynesian in the country now says reducing NI is the wrong thing to be doing because somethingsomethingmuttermutter.

We did say that we consider macroeconomics to be largely Woo, didn’t we?

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. As Isaac Asimov wrote in “The Stars in Their Courses”, half-a-century ago:-

    “Many college students oppose ‘The Establishment’ just because it is fashionable in their set to do so and for no other reason. The opposition is quite blind as far as they are concerned and they could easily be manipulated into crew cuts, for instance, if President Nixon would only make the supreme sacrifice and grow long hair.”

    Look at the way the ASI’s efforts to “stop taxing the minimum wage” are dismissed, or even derided (apparently it “mostly helps the rich”…) because of who proposed it and implemented it.

    Apparently the way to help poor people escape poverty, is to take their money away from them via taxation, because evil nasty Tories.

  2. And yet the twattish lefty “professional economists” don’t you know, tendency – the likes of Dunc and the laughable D2 – were talking about fiscal easing and monetary tightening being the ideal approach, at least 2 months ago. If I still read their tweeted group-thought nonsense, I might check if they have done the usual volte face

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