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Fun this, isn’t it?

Another recent victory for Trump as his legal troubles mount: Selling his Washington D.C. hotel for $375 million, far more than expected.

Several lending experts said the new loan show why much of Trump’s business is insulated from his political and legal storms: What matters most in real estate is the cash thrown off by rent and the collateral of the buildings ― not the reputation of the owner.

So the claim is that Trump has been over valuing assets, is it?

6 thoughts on “Fun this, isn’t it?”

  1. The important question isn’t answered:

    If the same fine-tooth comb criteria were applied to any other major player in the New York real-estate, how much of the same would come up? If not more(?)…

    I’d suggest starting with the ones donating to the Democrat campaigns. Might be fun… 😉

  2. It’s possible – possible! – that a billionaire with decades in real estate has a better understanding of that market than government lawyers.

  3. Like many things involving the law and Trump, the reasons James, a Democrat, opted for a lawsuit rather than a prosecution are complicated.

    Nope, it is dead simple. She’s got nothing.

    Any organisation which has extended a loan, or sent a tax bill, or provided a policy based on Trump’s valuation has accepted it.

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