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How interesting

Chileans have voted comprehensively against a new, progressive constitution that had been drafted to replace the 1980 document written under Gen Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Well, that’s democracy for you.

Have to admit I’ve not been paying attention. Once it was obvious they weren’t going to overturn mining law – something that we’ve known for a couple of months now – the issue dropped off the radar of the other work I do.

Still, does provide an interesting argument – Pinochet, less shit than modern progressives.

19 thoughts on “How interesting”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I saw comment that people realised you needed to create wealth before you can create a welfare state and another that it was about legalising abortion. Probably a bit of both, but I guess more of the latter.

  2. The document sounds like a total mess. Written by a cross section of society (citizens assembly sort of thing) rather than anyone with any actual expertise, and includes all kinds of policy requirements. I think it also proposed a different legal system for indigenous groups, which is, um… a bad idea.

  3. “The most progressive constitution in the world”…..

    That alone raises hackles…. They tried to write Woke into a constitution… And people caught on..

    Another: No-one involved in writing it up was “Politically affiliated”.
    If they weren’t… who then were they affiliated to?….
    Important question, that….

  4. jgh: Well, yeah. As Grikath says, the giveaway is “progressive”.

    India’s constitution is the longest in the world. And they’re proud of the fact. Tells you everything you need to know about the government of India.

  5. Oh, and by the way, it’s one reason I voted against Jockxit. You just know the Holyrood mob would try to pull the same kind of stunt.

  6. *patriotic Spanish helicopter noises*

    They’re generally more Italian.


  7. Sam:
    I had/have exactly the same fear. I don’t want to even imagine the monstrosity of a constitution they would come up with.

  8. BiS – magnificent

    Sam – they already are. Jockland has the most viciously anti-free-speech legislation in the whole of these Paedoph Isles. You can pretty much be arrested for anything you say that isn’t approved wokespeech.txt, and the only thing standing between your average Jock Bloke and prison is that TPTB don’t have unlimited time, attention or jail cells.

    It’s sold as ‘woke’, and of course it is, but also happens to be what gargantuan, globe-spanning corporate entities want – to go back to the 1980’s when plebs had no ability to question or contradict the narrative of the day unless they resort to hand-cranked mimeographed newsletters or something. The internet has never been less free and open than it is now in service of the Open Society. And that’s what ‘hate speech’ is all about – they don’t care if you mutter into your Victory Gin in a dingy pub, but they’re watching and waiting to pick off anybody who starts getting traction with alternative platforms or narratives of their own.

  9. Sam: And the Japanese constitution is about the 3rd shortest. And the oldest unamended constitution. What does that say? 🙂

  10. Bloke in Aberdeen

    The latest proposed amendment to the Aussie constitution is to provide separate representation, they call it a ‘voice’, in the federal parliament for the abos.

    Well people voted Albo in. So maybe they’ll vote for this.

    I’ll let you guess what my vote’ll be.

  11. Separate representation for separate ethnicities? That’s what South Africa had wasn’t it? That turned out wonderful.

  12. I thought that, on this subject, the Australians and Japanese formed a mutual sympathy society: the former with a constitution written by the British based on their misunderstanding of the US Constitution and the latter with a constitution written by the Americans based on their misunderstanding of the British Constitution.

  13. True enough, Steve, but as long as it’s only statute law, there’s hope it can be peacefully repealed (as the Offensive Behaviour Act was, indeed). If they get it into some kind of Constitution, then it’s more or less Game Over.

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