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I am a disappoint

Really, I thought someone would have done this by now.

So, NASA, DART mission, crash into asteroid.

Clangers. Why hasn’t someone cut the Soup Dragon into the asteroid pics?

I am disappoint. What happened to ingenuity?

10 thoughts on “I am a disappoint”

  1. So, we launched a ‘refrigerator sized’ object into the surface of Jupiter or someplace, this latest piece of ‘space artillery’ onto an unassuming, minding its’ own business, not saying boo to a goose asteroid, plus the stuff fired at the surface of Mars (completely uninvited – NASA Mars rover / Colin Pillinger (RIP), I’m looking at you here).

    Mate, at some point, they’re going to be firing back……….

  2. Sampling the Soup Dragon? You’d think the music trees would struggle to find a track that groovily references space rocks, a large explosion and the Clangers.
    Well, taste those lovely notes:
    Momma Gravy – Wet Planet

    The album, Dribble It On, is fabulous (great to drive to); moogie synths with some neat musicianship. You can tell it’s good from the track names – click “more” to see.
    (youtube left it ad free for me)

  3. Boganboy

    Unless they were extremely careless, any such probability would have been minimized. But if it does happen a long time in the future, then it’d be because we don’t actually have a reliably-predictable future, including all the tiny little gravitational interactions through millions of years. During which time an equivalent event could have happened ‘naturally’…

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