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Inflation doesn’t exist, d’ye see?

Jack says:
September 26 2022 at 9:35 am
What are the consequences of the QE route? It seems a simple solution which makes me think there must be a cost somewhere.

Richard Murphy says:
September 26 2022 at 10:21 am
No, in a word


Poof. £250 billion in new money has no cost, Nope, nowhere, nowt anywhere in the economy…..

3 thoughts on “Inflation doesn’t exist, d’ye see?”

  1. Seems that Spud is in lockstep with MMT loon Warren Mosler

    He is attributed with creating Mosler’s law that states, “there is no financial crisis so deep that a sufficiently large fiscal adjustment cannot deal with it.”

  2. If he is right and we can just print the money why does he think the Government goes to the bother of taxing people? To punish them for being productive?

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