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Italy on brink of having most Right-wing government since Mussolini

Given that Benito was corporatist and close to socialist, why is he more right wing than the Christian Democrats?

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  1. When even Wikipedia goes on about Mussolini’s socialist leanings then you know that the Telegraph has an agenda and is not reporting properly.

  2. Just look at all those Italians fleeing that right-wing hellhole. Look at all the world leaders telling their citizens to avoid Italy at all cost. We can only pray for survival at this point.

  3. What do you think, are Finnish newspapers reporting on Meloni and Finnish PM somehow differently? Both are women after all.

  4. ‘Right-Wing’ signifies an individual or organisation that the Establishment disapproves of. ‘Far-Right’ is someone they really don’t like, and would rather see dead or in jail.

  5. Given that Benito was corporatist and close to socialist, why is he more right wing than the Christian Democrats?

    Because to the left, nationalist = right wing.

  6. Benito wasn’t just “close to” socialist or had “socialist leanings”, he was a leading member of the Socialist International before he realised that socialism can never work without the corporations being on board. So he extended socialism into fascism.

  7. IIRC, Musso was the head of the Italian Communist party, until he realised that made him subservient to Moscow, and he didn’t want to be anyone’s Number Two. Hard to see how that’s “right wing”.

  8. BiW: Not wrong, but his real epiphany was in the trenches of WWI. He realised that all that “workers of the world unite” stuff was bollocks: your ordinary working bloke will always stand with his countrymen, whoever they may be, before some foreigner who talks funny and eats weird food. Forget all those paintings of happy smiling workers gazing into the bright red dawn; Musso was the true socialist realist.

    None of which is by way of defending the old bastard, if that even needs said. But he had his head screwed on slightly more securely than most of his former Comrades.

    jgh: Come on… the Nats don’t even realise that nationalist = not entering into political union with 27 other countries. They literally don’t know whether they’re coming or going.

  9. jgh: Nationalism is left wing for as long as it is anti-imperialist nationalism. Once the empire collapses it immediately becomes right wing. It’s like the way that someone living on investment income who is one day short of the state retirement age suddenly ceases to be an exploiter overnight. It is to avoid such embarrassing essentialism that classical Marxism was replaced with New Marxism – because being confused and incoherent is preferable to being absurd and falsifiable.

  10. Horseshoe theory – left and right, at the extremes, are in the same place.

    So as the state controls more and more of life you’re becoming more and more far-right fascist – until it controls everything and then you find you’re now a socialist!

  11. Agammamon:

    “Horseshoe theory” is what the communists came up with to make the fascists/Nazis/nationalist socialists be on the “right”.

    They’re not on the right. It’s a fight over who is to be on top on the left and it should be seen as that.

  12. . . . or just believes that Canadian teacher with the fake breasts isn’t a woman.

    It might be that the teacher doesn’t believe he’s a woman either:

    “This dude is gaming the system. An anon here yesterday was in this dude’s class. This teacher was almost fired for ‘toxic masculinity’ last year, as well as not embracing woke culture. He’d drop redpills to his class, such as how silly gender neutral bathrooms are. The school board hates him.”

    Now wouldn’t that be fun.

  13. PJF,

    I’d say that story fits better than “tranny woodwork teacher”.

    Woodwork teachers tend to be more masculine than the average teacher. And no doubt he got into a pickle and has responded by checking over the rules, and coming up with comedy breasts. He knows that it looks ridiculous, winds everyone up, but that if anyone complains, he’ll throw some sort of anti-tranny lawsuit at them for discrimination.

  14. If that story is correct, and he is shown to be trolling, then the conversation with the woke will be a twist on the old Thai Lady Boy joke:

    I knew it was a man really!
    I’d be far less worried if I believed you!

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