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It’s a strange claim of victory really, isn’t it?

Yet, 79.5% of Swedes did not cast their vote for the Sweden Democrats. In a way, I would argue the Sweden Democrats have arrived too late – at least as seen from their own ideological position. Today, 25% of Swedish citizens have an immigrant background, with two parents born outside Sweden. Sweden is, and will stay, a flourishing, multicultural society.

Yipee! We win! We’ve killed your society!

22 thoughts on “It’s a strange claim of victory really, isn’t it?”

  1. Dissolving the populace and electing another.

    The thing they miss is that Brexit wouldn’t have happened if not for the 2nd-gen Indians Bangladeshis and Pakistanis who openly resented the Eastern Europeans “coming over here, taking our jobs” etc. — I heard exactly that phrase on multiple occasions when living in Slough about 15 years ago, and not from wypipo.

  2. asking for a ceiling on the number of immigrants

    I’ve often contended that left wing immigration policy is based on two 90s club tunes ‘No limit’ by 2 unlimited and ‘Free’ by Ultra Nate. Nice of this (I have to say unfamiliar) author to confirm that.

    Beyond that the article is more of the same/ hopefully the Swedish Democrats can fast track an Islamic State or Al Qaeda bomber to the property next door to this guy’s house or ideally force his Mother/ parents to take one in as a lodger. As we are seeing in the US – proponents of ‘open borders’ don’t like being confronted by the physical reality of that ideology

  3. “opened the door to anti-immigrant populists”

    That’s opinions held in some measure by the actual majority but not by a majority of right thinking people.
    They got 20.5% in a secret ballot – the Guardian and numbers, sheesh.

  4. Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your culture, your safety on the streets, your hard-won toleration, and your welfare state.

  5. My suspicion is that if you convert the welfare system back to contributory and vigorously enforce the law on the whole population, not just the white part, you might see some decline in numbers.

  6. The writer’s most famous work is “Has democracy failed women?” It probably ought to be the other way round.

    It amazes me that a native Swede can look at its 2022 demographics and say: “Yep, great, exactly what we need.” The only explanation is profound mental sickness.

    If only self-destructive cunts like her just killed themselves instead of the entire nation.

  7. Have you noticed that whenever whitey has gone anywhere inhabited by not whitey it is deemed to be a ‘hideously bad thing’, but when not whitey goes anywhere inhabited by whitey we have to accept it as totally normal and an unalloyed ‘good thing’ (except for whitey, natch). Strange eh?

  8. Sweden is, and will stay, a flourishing, multicultural society.


    Swedish government counting on Europe to fix energy crisis

    Uh oh.

    When they were elected in 2014, the Social Democrats entered a coalition with the Greens with the clear objective to “ensure that nuclear reactors are closed during this parliamentary term,” as former Green spokesperson Åsa Romson declared several times.

    This political decision led to a voluntary and sharp increase in the tax on nuclear power in 2015, which resulted in a decline in profitability for nuclear power plant operators. It resulted in the premature closing of the Oskarshamn 1 and 2 reactors in 2016/2017 and the Ringhals 1 and 2 reactors in 2019 and 2020.

    Womp womp.

    At least you’ll still get to enjoy your Diversity™ in the freezing dark.

  9. Another flourishing, multicultural society:

    Mayor blames Leicester unrest on social media disinformation
    Peter Soulsby says claims circulating online are very distorting, after tensions between Hindu and Muslim groups
    – the Guardian

    Apparently there’s been a series of Asian riots in Leicester, but there’s no woke angle so the British MSM doesn’t seem that interested. The Telegraph is less delicate:

    Fifteen people arrested in Leicester clash between Hindu and Muslim gangs
    Riot squads and mounted united called in to quell sectarian disorder between communities over the weekend

    So, pace Darude Sandstrom writing in the OP, shiny gay multicultural progressive gender politics isn’t here to stay. It’s a very temporary phenomenon that’ll die off when the childless people promoting it do, if not sooner as a result of the energy crisis crippling the European economy for generations to come and disrupting the establishment political consensus.

    In its place, we’ll get more traditional types of politics – my tribe and my God versus your tribe and your gods. Multiculti is a lot of fun in expansionary environments where there’s a lot of cash floating around, it gets considerably less fun when people are competing over suddenly limited resources.

  10. I heard a while back that an argument for not covering, for example, the Hindu vs Muslim running battles, is that it plays into the hands of the far right.

    Translated, this means that what is the “far right” (ie mentally stable, observant people) have predicted for many years has indeed come to pass, it’s just that leftoids and other pants shitters don’t like this fact wafted under their noses.

  11. “Have you noticed that whenever whitey has gone anywhere inhabited by not whitey it is deemed to be a ‘hideously bad thing’, but when not whitey goes anywhere inhabited by whitey we have to accept it as totally normal and an unalloyed ‘good thing’ (except for whitey, natch). Strange eh?”

    Its like how we are always told that organisations that have lots of women and ‘diversity’ will be far better than those run by old white men, yet the NHS (77% female, 22% non-white) is the biggest pile of shit its possible to have to ever deal with.

  12. John – yes.

    I expect the whole of Western Europe is going to be a lot less generous in its welfare spending in future, based on their inability to afford it.

    Apparently Birmingham and environs are great places to live a “pure Muslim” life, but this lifestyle is dependent on a cornucopia of benefits (same as the white underclass). Reduce those benefits and there’s nothing really separating the place from downtown Karachi except shittier weather.

    I don’t think they’re just gonna go away or anything (some might, depending on how bad things get), but the whole Western EU / UK area is about to get less attractive to new migrants, and we can expect our large Islamic minority to start being more assertive in politics. So far they’ve been more or less content to back Labour (or similar establishment progressive parties in the EU), despite Labour’s love of feminism, LGBT, and Net Zero – none of which are terribly popular with guys called Mohammed. The progressive stack is full of luxury beliefs nobody can afford anymore, and its inherent tensions and contradictions are being laid bare.

    Do you prefer salted or sugary popcorn?

  13. 2022
    Sweden is, and will stay, a flourishing, multicultural society.
    Germany is, and will stay, a flourishing, multicultural society.

  14. Noticeable that the crowds for Her Majesty’s funeral were predominantly white. It’s as if some demographics don’t have the same regard for the culture and traditions of this green and pleasant land. Certainly nothing like the multi culti families I keep seeing represented on TV.
    Didn’t stop the Beeb interviewing a vibrant cross-section in its vox pops.

  15. Jim

    Absolutely right – and its all part of the same agenda. As with the people paying them (the Chinese communists ultimately)the struggle is ‘the long game’. For any white hetero male in particular, It was put quite aptly by James Cameron.

    Listen, and understand.
    Those socialists are out there.
    They can’t be bargained with.
    They can’t be reasoned with.
    They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear.
    And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  16. Jimmers: ’Noticeable that the crowds for Her Majesty’s funeral were predominantly white.’

    And yet, whenever the BBC reporters went to find someone to talk to, guess what?

  17. Most of the crowds were white – out in the country. In London there was a sizeable proportion of non-white. And everyone ignored each other’s colour.

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