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It’s not gonna work, is it?

Liz Truss on Tuesday declared that Britain could “ride out the storm” of the cost of living crisis as she prepared to freeze annual energy bills for households at around £2,500.



Nicola Sturgeon has announced an immediate freeze on rents and train fares in Scotland in a support package to tackle the cost of living crisis.

The First Minister published her programme for government for the coming year, with the centrepiece an immediate rent freeze that applies to both public and private properties.

This ios, of course, how Venezuela started.

50 thoughts on “It’s not gonna work, is it?”

  1. Anything you can do,
    I can do better.
    I can do anything
    Better than you.

    No, you can’t.
    Yes, I can. No, you can’t.
    Yes, I can. No, you can’t.
    Yes, I can,
    Yes, I can!

    Todays politics.

  2. What catastrophe will it take for a politician, of any sitting party, to stand up and say “The energy policies of the last 25 years and the insane lockdown regime have brought us to this ?”

  3. And when the Jockistan rental market crashes it’ll be the fault of the eeeviil Toooories. The sweaties keep voting for the Scottish Nationalist Party, they deserve what they get good and hard.

  4. Otto, I saw that Hollinrake bloke on the telly again yesterday, saying, basically, “The energy problem – it’s easy with the benefit of hindsight etc”…..”
    Cue me shouting at the screen, “No you cunt, you were told what would happen but chose to ignore the warnings” (as with allowing the new entrants into the EU in 2004 the right to come here unrestricted, promoting diesel vehicles over petrol to reduce CO2, imposing lockdowns, preventing the police from stop and search, expanding NATO to Vlads front door, etc. etc).

  5. All very true Addolff. Trump even pointed out the idiocy of becoming reliant on the Russians for energy.

    But I never thought anyone would need to tell someone that it’s bloody stupid to put sanctions on someone else selling you a product you vitally need yourself.

  6. And that Addolff, is why I stopped watching telly and listening to the World at One.

    Needless to say you are completely right.

    And Jonathan, yes we are.

  7. I thought Truss had decent advisers, so I did hope Blair/Brown/May/Johnson tendencies had been flushed away. But there’s always one that just won’t shift isn’t there?

  8. Yes we are.

    Nurse Truss has called for a £100 billion sticking plaster but will she actually do anything to treat the festering sore.

    It’s hard to criticise young people for living beyond their means by taking out ever bigger and more expensive loans when all they have to do is point to the PM (and her predecessors in pretty much every western country).

  9. “an immediate freeze on rents”

    ffs. She’s only got to look across the Irish Sea to find out how this works out.

    But as ever, of course, it’s not about actually achieving anything useful, it’s only and aways about pointless differentiation from whatever the hated English are doing. See also, the slightly different (slightly stricter, natch) rules she introduced during the covid business, and the fact that in every case they remained in force just a little bit longer. Shows she’s more caring, doncha know.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ We’re f**ked aren’t we…”

    No more so than in the mid ‘70s.

    It just takes political will ……, ah, I see your point.

  11. What’s the exit strategy, Trussy?

    Does it involve fracking – but only where “local communities” (i.e. easily frightened NIMBY morons who think energy arrives at their house by magic) don’t object?

  12. Let’s look on the bright side chaps. We do have the diversitymost cabinet EVAH!! With all those icky white men kept away from the important jobs!

    Lots of wimmins looking after things. S’bound to be run betterer than all those old white men managed.

  13. Kevin B – my first thought, on seeing the Diversitiest Cabinet Ever, was that those people look like a bunch of dorks. I don’t think any of them have ever won a fist fight in their lives. Putting these feeble nerds up against the sharks running Russia and China is a mistake. Not because they’ll curl up in a foetal position, but because nerds and women usually overreact to perceived provocations and make things worse.

    You could literally take over the country with a handful of 1980’s school bullies. And perhaps we should.

  14. At this rate she will earn the contempt of the people even faster than Gordon Brown.
    The energy market is not “broken”, it’s sending a message she doesn’t want to hear.

  15. Never forget

    James Cleverly is the man who sackec Roger Scruton (pbuh)because he believed tweers about a made up interview in the New Statesman ( for whch the author was never sackec).

  16. “I don’t think any of them have ever won a fist fight in their lives.” I’ve only had one: single punch and the bugger was on the ground. In my experience a big lad with quick reflexes tends not to get bullied twice.

    Also when I was a wee lad starting primary school I was shod in clogs. “Any trouble, kick them on the knee” was the family policy. And, do you know, I never had to do it. Deterrence is a wonderful thing.

    Come to think of it I twice punched someone on a rugby pitch. The first time it was an opposition player. The referee blew and said to me, quietly, that he quite agreed. He gave us the penalty. The second time it was one of my own forwards. The referee blew and said quietly that he sympathised but that he couldn’t allow that sort of thing. He gave the penalty against me. Well, who else could he penalise?

  17. You could literally take over the country with a handful of 1980’s school bullies. And perhaps we should.


    That comment has got me chuckling uncontrollably to the bemusement of others in the office….

  18. re the Sturgeon.
    How does she pay for all the jockinese treats? Is she holding a gun to her own head, Blazing Saddles style?
    If English councils can go bankrupt, why can’t Scotland?

  19. I may be alone here, but some sort of government action seems required here.

    Those on lower incomes and many businesses are looking at a very serious problem and it’s one they didn’t create. As a whole the economy will likely take a serious wobble.

    Pretty tricky as you have to balance relief with the perils of subsidising use. We’ll see soon enough what Truss is made of.

    Let’s just think ourselves lucky that she’s not Merkel.

  20. Bloke in Germany in God's own county

    Given that we have been suspending disbelief since at least 2008, is it surprising that the entire political class now believe that you can solve real material shortages by printing money and price controls?

    A lot of people going to have a very hard confrontation with reality this winter. It will all be someone else’s fault as well.

  21. Ottokring – so you’re saying he should change his name to James Cunterly?

    Dearieme – I think the anti-bullying moral panic of the 80’s and 90’s has left us with a population of grown-up pussies who have no instinctive feel for the hard, physical realities of life, and falsely assume we live in a world where “rules” and “authority” trump the ability to give the other bloke a bloody good shoeing.

    What, if anything, is the moral difference between a citizen and a civilian?

    VP – me and my Cobra Kai buddies are gonna batter them.

    BiG – if Al Beebra’s social media following is any indication, Euros and Brits are so deep in denial they’re in danger from crocodylus niloticus, while African and Asian chaps laugh at our self-inflicted pratfalls.

  22. The energy bill freeze is predictable political can kicking. If they don’t do it they are toast now, so they push the problem away into the future. All the economic wisdom in the world isn’t going to change that political reality. It’s pointless worrying about it (tho’ bitching about it can be fun), just prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    The scary thing is actually running out of energy. They can’t kick that away, so one hopes their desire to not become literal toast now will have focussed their minds on keeping the oil and gas and electrons flowing.

    Flowing for us, that is. Fuck Germany, they’ve decided to not even postpone nuclear shutdown. They’ve made their choice, and no European country should go dark to save those silly cunts.

  23. @ Bloke in Germany in God’s own county – maybe you should stay. We may be ruled by twats but at least Caroline fucking Lucas isn’t running the show.

  24. “She’s only got to look across the Irish Sea to find out how this works out.”

    The SNP care nothing about Scottish history that doesn’t support their cause. She only has to look to her own backyard a century ago. Until the 1920s, almost everyone in Glasgow rented. The captains of industry might have villas in Pollokshields or Kirklee, but even the next tier down rented plush tenement flats with servants’ quarters in places like Hyndland. Glasgow looks the way it does because of the Victorian/Edwardian rental market.

    Guess what happened in the early 1920s.

  25. PJF – The scary thing is actually running out of energy.

    The scary thing is they’ve been openly promising us an energy-poor future for over 20 years now, and spending countless billions of our money towards that miserable end. Instead of revolting against this revolting future, we pretend to respect ugly Swedish mongoloids and tree-fondling eco-perverts.

    The great British public still hasn’t connected the dots, because the public are fucknuggets who deserve to eat icicles for tea and piss themselves for a heat.

  26. By the way, does anyone know whether a “household” is a clever, technical thing or plain English? Is castle Howard a household?

    If a household’s energy bills were over the cap last year because heating the pool in winter uses so much electricity, are their bills to be cut this year?

    I get that it’s unpleasant to remove the cap and send people money because that drives the inflation statistic up, although that doesn’t seem a good enough reason for bad policy. How much of the reason other better ideas were rejected is that government and industry’s systems are too stupid to implement better plans?

    This does seem a terrible way to tackle a problem that does need tackling.

  27. . . . because the public are fucknuggets who deserve to eat icicles for tea and piss themselves for a heat.

    Not sure the “deplorables” angle will work any better for the right.

  28. PJF – I have thought of bringing back the term “mongoloids”, or possibly “spackers”, but my wife tells me this is why I’m no longer welcome at meetings of the village fete committee.

    Apparently calling the local cubs leader a “fat retard” for planning to take the kids to a mosque is also a no no. But it’s not my fault he’s a jumbo-sized human weebl with spinach in his teeth even though you’d swear blind he doesn’t know what vegetables are.

    Why am I not Foreign Secretary?

  29. “If a household’s energy bills were over the cap last year because heating the pool in winter uses so much electricity, are their bills to be cut this year?”

    As far as I understand it, the ‘cap’ is for an average household. The rates per Kwh are set so that the average usage household will pay the headline figure. If you’re a bigger than average household, or run your heating at 30 degrees with all the windows open, then you’ll pay far more than the cap.

    I’m actually glad they haven’t gone for the ‘so much per unit for the first X units’ then more up the scale concept. It would be the best system to get us through this winter, but I can see it becoming permanent – a sort of energy income tax scale if you like. And we all know how temporary income taxes were………….

    At least this cap is so ludicrously expensive it’ll all collapse nastily within a year or two anyway.

  30. Strange, I don’t think Greta is ugly or a mong, just a slightly damaged, idealistic youngster who has been exploited by her parents and other rats.

    But then I’m just a faithless heathen not schooled in the complexities of the boundless love and forgiveness of something or other.

  31. Jack C
    I may be alone here, but some sort of government action seems required here.

    Those on lower incomes and many businesses are looking at a very serious problem and it’s one they didn’t create. As a whole the economy will likely take a serious wobble.

    Well they did create it to a certain extent. Anyone who voted for a Left wing party at any point (and that includes the current rabble) where the idea that something is ‘free’, or who backed the welfare state in its current form out of some sense of ‘fairness’ is arguably responsible for our current state. We have kicked cans continually down the road for decades on subjects like immigration, law and order, education, left wing activity – the list is endless. Ducking hard choices doesn’t make them go away. Yes, we can ‘rescue’ people from the supreme folly of ‘Net Zero’ but how long will it take for that assistance to become ‘permanent’ or a ‘human right….If we don’t grasp the nettle now when – and I agree the choices are tough but we have to take them.

  32. Steve

    I am led to believe that “spaz” is a legitimate term in the US. Rather than being a euphemism for mong or spacker it refers to someone having a fit, or what we might call an “epi”.

    By the way, if Boganboy and other antipodeans are watching, I was informed rather forcefully 30 years ago that “abo” is a banned word and that “but that’s what they called them in Skippy” is no defence.

  33. “And we all know how temporary income taxes were………….”

    WKPD: Pitt’s income tax was levied from 1799 to 1802, when it was abolished by Henry Addington during the Peace of Amiens.
    The income tax was reintroduced by Addington in 1803 when hostilities recommenced, but it was again abolished in 1816.

    That generation of pols did quite well: the tax was temporary. You cannae hold them responsible for a later generation, Cap’n. Might as well blame King Herod for Toni Blair.

  34. PJF – That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.

    Jesus wasn’t some hippie wanker who went around hugging hoodies and donating to Oxfam, he was so extremely based the Jews and the Romans ganged up to cancel him irl.

    God hates the wicked, and they’re all going to the Bad Fire. Where they’ll get to meet other famous socialists from history.

    Otto – is it still ok to call them “petrol huffing fuggoes” or nah? Edward VIII was right.

  35. Ottokring – whilst in Darwin (don’t ask) I heard the local non-indigenous populace refer to the local Melanesians as boongs. Questioning I was advised this was the sound they made when the locals hut them in their cars!

  36. The icing on the cake is that Nicola has not only introduced rent control but also banned you from evicting the tenant! I am not sure if she has stopped you selling the property but it can’t be far behind.

  37. “the Jews and the Romans ganged up to cancel him” Bit harsh on the Romans. The High Priest and his cronies – the Sanhedrin – found Jesus guilty of being a public menace and wanted him executed. They didn’t, however, have the power to order it – the matter had to go to a higher court, namely that of the Governor, or Prefect, or whatever the correct title is.

    (He was in town at the time because the Governor always moved to Jerusalem at the time of major religious festivals so that he could supervise his troops if the crowds got out of hand and the High Priest’s police couldn’t cope.)

    He presumably acted as Higher Courts familiar to us do – he’d expect to allow whatever the lower court wanted unless he could find a flaw of fact or law in their conclusions. Apparently he couldn’t and so execution it was.

    What I wonder about is how an account of what was said in court survived to be recorded in the gospels. On the face of it in a literate civilisation it’s not too surprising. But if the gospels were written after the First Jewish Revolt the survival of such records does seem surprising to me. Oh well, we’ll never know. Invention, folklore, human memory, or copies of transcripts?

  38. Preach, brother Steve! Seriously though, you’re absolutely right. It annoys me no end when we get all that hippy-dippy guff from the pulpit. Christ preached forgiveness and love for all who embrace Him. Not for people who want to blow them to smithereens. And yes, okay, nor did He advovate blowing them to smithereens (except in defence), but He was no moral relativist.

  39. Fred: She did that years ago, rendering fixed-term rents meaningless. Even if a tenant agrees at the outset to leave in, say, nine months, there’s very little the landlord can do if he doesn’t. It’s why all the student flats have disappeared round this way, replaced by giant “student village” complexes: only large-ish businesses can afford to take the risk.

  40. Bogan,

    And the German retards openly laughed out loud and mocked Trump at the time of his warning. GBNews has a great pic. Talk about all the eggs in one basket.

  41. Christ preached forgiveness and love for all who embrace Him.

    Along with a happy magic end to mortality, but through him and only him.

    Cult leader, straight up.

    That assumes he actually existed, of course; we only have the say so of the followers – through whom, of course, lies the only access to the big magic He.

    Cult, straight up.

    Pleased to not be a victim. Good thing I’ve picked up on some of the hippy dippy, mamby pamby late stage add on artifice. It inclines me towards tolerance.

  42. Re abos Otto. I’d always understood it was a trifle uncouth not to use their full title of aborigine. But I’ve always been too lazy to bother to type it out in full.

    Before they were called aborigines, since they were the aboriginal inhabitants y’know, we used to call them Indians. Just like Columbus.

    I had of course heard of the term boong. But being a nicely brought up bloke, I’ve never used it.

    There was also another term, coon. Damifino where that one came from. I only really noticed when someone woke took over Coon cheese, and not only changed the name but also the taste. I no longer eat Coon cheese.

    As for the politically correct term these days, I think it’s something like First People. No doubt we copied this one from the Canucks. But you can’t expect a white haired old bloke like me to be familiar with the latest jargon. It’d be like expecting me to understand what LGBTABCXYZ or whatever actually means.

  43. @Addolff, September 7, 2022 at 7:08 am

    @Steve, September 7, 2022 at 3:05 pm

    Well said, I agree

    I’m just a faithless heathen

    We already knew that

    Speccie link – thanks

  44. We already knew that

    Just four words reveal you have an irrational belief system and you’re a beta trying to ingratiate yourself with some imaginary grouping of big boys.

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