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Just a passing phase, a mere coincidence even

Will today’s tech giants reach a century? It’s all about the quality of the product
John Naughton

If you want to be an internet-age version of General Motors or IBM, you need to sell something people want and steer clear of political pitfalls

No, John Naughton has not managed to grasp the secret of free market capitalism – that you only survive if you produce something both that people want and also costs less to produce than the value perceived – he’s just bumped into it and next week will be off shouting that Markets Are Bad, M’Kay?

3 thoughts on “Just a passing phase, a mere coincidence even”

  1. He concludes:

    Looming over all this, though, is the realisation that if liberal democracies are to survive, they will eventually realise that surveillance capitalism is such a danger to democracy that it will have to be outlawed.

    It’s the “capitalism” rather than the “surveillance” that worries him but it’s the latter that’s the threat.

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