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My word, this is odd, isn’t it?

Sweden has now joined the fate of many other European countries in which nationalist, anti-immigration parties have taken their seat at the formal coalition negotiation table or even in government. First out was the Freedom party in Austria. Then Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, the Danish People’s party, the Progress party in Norway, True Finns. And so it continues…

It’s almost as if the voters, in a democracy, when asked are not too keen on this mass immigration thing. At which point what is to be done? Go with democracy, the will of the people, or not?

12 thoughts on “My word, this is odd, isn’t it?”

  1. … the self-confident Sweden Democrats has already presented a list with 100 policy demands, including a halt to all immigration, a ban on begging and the immediate deportation of convicted criminals of foreign descent.

    Entirely sensible policies if you’re a fan of Western Civilisation.

    Then there’s this at the end:

    I would argue the Sweden Democrats have arrived too late – at least as seen from their own ideological position. Today, 25% of Swedish citizens have an immigrant background, with two parents born outside Sweden. Sweden is, and will stay, a flourishing, multicultural society.

    IoW – you’re being replaced and there’s nothing you can do about it, which seems to be the objective of most Western Governments.

  2. Sweden is not a multicultural society. Yes, it is a multi-*ETHNIC* society, but it is uniformally culturally Swedish. Those 25% of Swedes with immigrant background are *SWEDES*. They went to Sweden to become Swedes.

    *THAT* is the problem. People moving into another culture and not becoming part of that culture, and in many cases actively hating and wanting to destroy that culture.

    And how many of that 25% are white Nordic people? “My grandparents immigrated from Norway, yay! that makes me immigrant background!”

    Ha! A quick look at Google shows a full HALF of that 25% is: Finland, Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia. When you’ve having to say “half a millon Swedes have Finnish parents, we’re an immigrant country!” you’re desparate.

  3. Just a quibble jgh. But how many of those Finns, Poles, Germans & Yugoslavs are actually Finns, Poles, Germans & Yugoslavs? A lot of Germans are actually Turks with German passports. We get the same with “British” criminals in Spain. On Brit passports, maybe. But a large proportion are actually Paddies.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    What to do about it? You “AfD” the lot of them, of course. Call them Nazis, shun them for being Nazis, don’t even talk about them because they are Nazis, encourage the party to become really Nazi, and to not do anything about the 1% of rank and file that are actually Nazis, and 12 years later, hey presto! They really are Nazis! Problem solved!

  5. I really think we need to start being honest in Western Europe. The onset of unease about immigration as a mainstream concern is almost entirely to do with large-scale Muslim immigration from Pakistan, Afghanistan, north Africa and Sudan. These are countries with very little cultural affinity with the West and a variant of Islam that is largely hostile to liberal Western values. Pretending this is a racist dislike of all immigration avoids – as ever with the Left – the real issue. The fact that a sizeable proportion of such immigrants are anti-gay, anti-women, anti-atheist, antisemitic and anti-democracy bizarrely doesn’t seem to bother the Progressives, even though it drives them to apoplexy if they discover it amongst white people. It is perhaps right that we don’t export our values to other countries, but quite why we cannot defend them in our own countries is beyond me.

  6. The ol’ “anti-immigration” bullshit. They always leave out the “mass” or “illegal” part depending on the situation.

    “They use language not to communicate but to manipulate.”
    —Michael Malice

  7. Phoenix44, the peeps of this fair isle (England) tried to prevent the destruction of their culture in the 1960’s but were stymied by the likes of Labour MP Roy Hattersley and everyone in the media (including the BBC via Alf Garnett) / acedemia and the ‘elite’, who closed down any debate about immigration by shouting “Racist”. This was when immigration into the UK was nothing like the numbers seen since 1997.

  8. Geert Wilders has never ever been at a coalition negotiation table.
    Our Cloggie Overlords have always categorically and pre-emptively excluded him and his party from participating in any negotiations, regardless of the election results…

  9. Hmmm … Volkert van de Graaf’s motivation for Pim Fortuyns assassination was more along the lines of “a future major threat to the Weak in Society”, not necessarily immigration as such.

    Fortuyn didn’t just want less “refugee” immigration, he also wanted criminilisation of illegality, and generally everything you can think of that puts spending the cash you have on your existing population first before spaffing it on Foreigners.
    He was a financial hard-liner bent on trying to live within ones’ means as a nation, and a lot of his political program was about defunding a lot of the horde of lobby groups Foundations that actually fund the activist groups, and spending that money on something useful.

    A true Enemy of the Left, he was…

    And Volkert van de Graaf didn’t get half the kicking he deserved… 🙁

  10. Phoenix: You’re saying something I’ve felt for quite some time, and get into difficulty trying to put it into words.

    In the ’50s and ’60s we had immigration of Black Carribeans. They came here, proud British passport holders, to join the British experience and Be British. Go down the pub, watch the footy, their womenfolk gossip with our womenfolk, they wear the same clothes, their kiddies mix with our kiddies and just look like little kiddies, but darker, they’d had a decent schooling back home, just like other people. After some initial wariness the natives accepted them.

    Later we had immigration from the Pakistans of this worlds. The come here, they segrate themselves, they don’t socialise, they lock their women up, they wander around town in their nightshirts, they didn’t go to school, and actively search out uneducated peasant women for their wives, they’re Not British, and a noticable subset of them loathe the society they live in and go out of their way to destroy aspects of it.

    It’s as though there’s something about cultural cohesion being based on cultural communality.

    It is also noticable linguistically. We have Black Britons. They’re Britons, with a minor accessory adjective. And we have British Pakistanis. They’re Pakistani, with a minor accessory adjective.

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