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No, no, it’s not, d’ye see?

He told the Guardian: “Environment and net zero should be bigger than party politics but I wanted to get out of Westminster to show that net zero is not a cost – it’s a benefit.

If it were a benefit then you’d not have to ban things, would you? Nor subsidise others. Because if it were a benefit then we’d all be doing it anyway.

19 thoughts on “No, no, it’s not, d’ye see?”

  1. The concerning thing is the consequence of Net Zero is shortages of energy. The response is a ‘price fix’ which will of course compound the shortage. The opposition ask for a ‘windfall tax’ on the producers which will further strangle supply. Blackouts seem absolutely inevitable now, with an accompanying increase in associated disorder. I wonder if this wholly insubstantial figure will be as sanguine about ‘the benefits’ of Net Zero then?

  2. So… he’s talking about a “Westminster Bubble”, yet proceeds by preaching for his own parish? Exclusively, judging from the article….

    Now…Which bubble again?

  3. Green Conservative? He needs to make up his mind as to which he is. Even better, his constituents could decide that he’s to be neither.

  4. Because stopping Nigel Farage from holding a rally is the obvious way to deal with the threat of Britain’s most effective politician who once again appears to be the only voice speaking for the majority of the electorate.

  5. I wonder if he was called Skidmore before or after he became a vegan.
    In the words of Wodehouse “needs more fish”.

  6. “Chris Skidmore – Oxford University graduate (history)
    Need I say more?”

    Come the revolution I think Oxford and Cambridge should be bulldozed. They’ve done more damage to this country than Hitler did.

  7. I certainly believe that anyone who’s attended OU in the past 50 years should be removed from any position of responsibility. So prepare yourself for some very poorly flipped burgers.
    OK, the country may suffer the loss of the services of a few talented people. But it’ll save itself the disasters wrought by the utterly talentless. These are the people who have presided over the decline of a country from being an influential power to a utter shithole.
    If you want to include CU, so be it. It was long a nest of Soviet spies. Heaven knows who they’re working for now. And I’d add LSE as well. Definitely, macroeconomics should be a hanging offence.

  8. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    Top green Conservative Chris Skidmore is to embark on a net zero tour to show that “normal people are getting on with” decarbonisation, and urge the new prime minister to ignore the “Westminster bubble” that is pouring scorn on the climate target.

    What the fuck is a “green” conservative?

  9. “They’ve done more damage to this country than Hitler did.” Oxbridge are amateurs compared to Imperial College, whence the Astrologer-Royal promoted his own personal holocaust. And I’ll bet he never hangs for it.

  10. Wilson, Heath, Blair, Cameron, Osborne, May, Bunter & now Truss* ** ***. The only thing Adolf’s got going for him against that lot was he worked harder & quicker.

    *Of course so was the Blessed Margaret. But a science degree so probably shouldn’t count.
    **Brown was at the Jock equivalent
    ***Callaghan seems to have passed the exam but couldn’t afford to go. So he was selected as a potential cunt?

  11. Of course Major, who was particularly ruinous, didn’t go there. But interestingly, he was porking Edwina Currie who did (PPE). So maybe whatever disease it is is sexually transmitted.

  12. @BiS Narrow escape for me: graduation in 1972. What position of responsibility did I attain? Will cogitate and get back to you.

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