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One of those strange little musings

Adam’s Apple. One of those markets of masculinity among humans. No, I’ve no idea what it is, or why it exists, but there we are.

There is an operation for transwomen to shave or reduce it.

So, is there an operation for transmen to make it more prominent?

If not, why not?

7 thoughts on “One of those strange little musings”

  1. Afaik, there is such a procedure.

    However.. at least here in Clogland it’s classed as “purely cosmetic” and as such doesn’t get compensated under our standard healthcare insurance…
    So it’s rare, given the expense involved.

  2. Trans ‘women’ get all the attention because they’re much more aggressive about their fetish (because they’re men), but trans ‘women’ are stealthily every bit as mental as their male counterparts.

    So, yes, they can get wild wacky Adams Apple surgery (there’s a doctor willing to do any kind of mutilation if you have the cash and the mental illness to demand it). But a lot of them just lie and pretend the magic male hormones are turning them into true and honest blokes. Trannies are heavily invested in the mythology of HRT, and make all sorts of dubious and medically impossible claims for synthetic hormones whose main physical effects are destruction of the kidneys, osteoporosis and rapid ageing.

  3. They don’t need it as they naturally grow one when they take testosterone.

    It’s like the voice thing – their voices drop with testosterone so they don’t need to take voice training classes.

    Apart from the genital stuff, the only operation that trans men need is “top surgery”, ie mastectomy.

  4. Lot of men have no Adam’s apple (or a barely visible one) anyway, plus, how often do you look at someones neck? Not quite one of those features as prominent as breasts or the lack thereof.

  5. Frederick : “how often do you look at someones neck? ”

    Regularly.. Got to judge the resilience to correctly judge the necessary drop.
    After all… Can’t have our feline friends overfed and uffering from indigestion…

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