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Ramsay Lewis

Renowned jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis dies aged 87

6 thoughts on “Ramsay Lewis”

  1. Not many left from that cohort

    ANNRQ, your mentioning Herbie Hancock made me look to see how many of the other members of the classic 1960s Miles Davis Quintet are still with us. Miles died in 1991, and drummer Tony Williams in 1997 aged 51; but Hancock is 82, bassist Ron Carter is 85 and tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter is 89. Bless them all, as a band they made some of my favourite ever music.

  2. I’d forgotten about him. Now I’ve listened I can see why.

    A pianist of that era who was much more to my taste was Ray Bryant. Here he is from 1976. I mention it because I was once in a CD shop (Classical and Jazz only) and when this came over the loudspeaker everyone stopped what they were doing, including the people searching in the classical section.

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