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Righty Ho then, that’s the Guardian’s opinion pages banned then

And the environment pages:

Doomscrolling linked to poor physical and mental health, study finds
The tendency to be glued to bad news can spark a ‘vicious cycle’ that interferes with our lives, researcher says

It’s to save the NHS you understand.

11 thoughts on “Righty Ho then, that’s the Guardian’s opinion pages banned then”

  1. Seems extraordinary that it should have taken so long for the sheer obviousness of this conclusion to have made it into the light. And apparently, to ignore the tendency of all media channels to couch things in doom-laden terms ‘cos clickbait and money….

  2. We used to take the Guardian, a million years ago. We gave it up because the already loopy opinionmongers were becoming as downright insane as the writers to the letters column.

    They usually got the sports results right, mind.

  3. It’s hard not to get swept up in negativity (I’ve been a miserable bastard since lockdown).

    The MSM exists to demoralise you tho. It’s not just that bad news generates more clicks (tho it does), the media actively hates people like you and wishes you harm.

  4. It’s not just the main stream media, anybody and everybody scraping or gulping a living in online media wants clicks / ad revenue. A tiny few try with useful insight; some few more have a go with thrills; but most lead with disaster and doom porn (especially if they’re selling ads for gold).

    Add to this that our governments are actively conspiring against us, it’s no wonder we’re all a bit crazy and angry.

  5. @Steven Patrick Morrissey
    Gosh, that is actually Morrisey’s own youtube channel.
    Interestingly, he only has 260K followers, I’d thunk he’d a had more.

  6. The news feed on my phone is infested with Guardian pieces, I have not yet discovered a way of blocking them.Skimming through some of them reminds me of R E classes at school, with Biblical references to Sackcloth and ashes, the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Drinks parties with Guardian staff must be really riotous times and fun for all.

  7. Drinks parties with Guardian staff must be really riotous times and fun for all.

    They sure are. They drink endless toasts to all the useful idiots that send them money to add to the billions in their Cayman bank account.

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