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Robert Reich is an idiot

The tech mogul was responding to a tweet by Robert Reich, a UC Berkeley academic and former Labor Secretary, who said Musk came from a family that owned an emerald mine in “Apartheid South Africa”.

No, they didn’t. Leave aside all the stuff about low grade and not large and everything. It was in Zambia. Different country. Without apartheid too.

But, you know, blackish fort of place, Africa, what’s the difference, right? Everything looks the same from Berkeley.

15 thoughts on “Robert Reich is an idiot”

  1. He also said he had visited his son in Texas as recently as last winter, when he met Exa Dark Sideræl.

    Weird. I normally meet Exa Dark Sideræl during mysterious Thelemaic animal sacrifices at midnight in hidden groves.

  2. I had a pal who lived in Zambia. One day his wife told him that she was prepared to try raising their children without cheese but not without soap. They moved. To South Africa.

    I once considered moving to Zambia myself. But I’m very pro-cheese so thank God I didn’t.

  3. Would’ve been lekker if my family and relatives had owned the big hole in Kimberley instead of some plastic injection moulding in Bramley, Jozi.

  4. Talking of Africa, was the King of Morocco invited to the funeral?

    It’s a pity that there wasn’t still an Emperor of Ethiopia to invite. The last one was a handsome looking chap.

  5. dearieme, I am thinking Botswana or Malawi when the SHTF, just the money from the bungalow whould tie me over for the remaining two decades.No need for CH, just one or two electric heaters for the winter.

  6. Someone should point out to RR that owning a mine doesn’t necessarily mean you make money from it. My sister-in-law owns a neolithic flint mine(*), but the bottom dropped out of that market a while back.

    (*) To be precise, an 8′ wide hole in the ground that archaeologists reckon was mined for flints at some point, probably neolithic as they found bone antler picks. As it’s in darkest Wales, it could have been the 1800s.

  7. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Someone should point out to RR that owning a mine doesn’t necessarily mean you make money from it.

    Robert Reich is nothing more than an old man of no particular distinction who craves a level of attention he has not earned. More or less, he’s a less stupid version of Richard Murphy.

  8. Like Ehrlich, Reich has made a successful career out of being diametrically wrong. It seems to pay better than being right, as our host may attest.

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