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Road verges to be turned into allotments amid cost of living crisis
Shropshire Council gives green light for locals to grow their own fruit and vegetables on land next to main thoroughfares

Why not just build houses with gardens so they can do that at home?

12 thoughts on “Strange”

  1. Because most of them wouldn’t be for locals, but for new people moving into the county. And whereas allotments are temporary, houses mean that green land has been lost forever to urbanisation.

  2. Blackberries, apples, sloes – nature practically gives it away at the side of the road and hardly anyone wants ’em. We’ve got a cost of getting off your arse crisis.
    UA refugees excepted – they seem to like a bit of foraging,

  3. And how, pray tell, do they envision guaranteeing that the grown produce actually ends up with the people who spent effort into growing it?

    You’re talking edible stuff in easily accessible places during a “Food Crisis”…
    In the end it’ll be feeding pikeys and other local wildlife/vermin, if the plots don’t get vandalised by Bored Local Youf and/or Envious Neighbours.

    But hey… Politicians Are Seen Taking Action, so it’s all good, innit?

  4. Which of course will require 20 mph speed restrictions on said main thoroughfares.

    I also agree with Grikath as numerous incidences of senseless damage to gardens etc by Bored Local Youfs in my locality would testify.

  5. And will the Council be able to sustain claims from people who (allegedly, of course) contact cancer from eating fruit and veg grown in dirt enriched with the remains of the internal combustion engine exhaust or asbestos particles from brake shoes?

  6. But I thought roads were bad, traffic bad and literally the cause of all deaths?

    And now we can grow crops for human consumption alongside these rivers of death?

    Presumably this means we no longer need low emission zones then if it’s so safe?

  7. Grikath, one of the bloggers I read has just moved from California to Florida in preparation for the looming civil war. One of his plans is to plant healthy looking but poisonous shit amongst the proper food to deter would be ‘scavengers’…………

    John, not sure how to cope with your yoof problem other than a shotgun…..

  8. Also, the railway lineside is full of apple and pear trees, raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant bushes, so whenever you stopped at a red signal off you’d go and harvest whatever was about. Till you realised that everything was covered in the dust from the brake blocks / pads. Plus, as the trains toilets flushed straight onto the track, human excrement……..

  9. Addolff

    “Decoy plants” is an old but excellent idea. When I lived in Israel, orange and grapefruit plantations had the three rows next to roads and paths planted with identical but inedible fruits.

  10. Because that would be ceding the current level of control.

    The new scheme keeps that level of control while adding something else to control.

    Imagine how many new inspectors and code writers will need to be hired!

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