Could peace deal between Prince Harry and family ever be brokered?

She buggers off for another mark and all will be sweetness and light soon enough.

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  1. Well, it sounds as though Harry needs the cash from his book. And of course, that sort of thing is how he and Meghan make their money.

    So I can’t see anything changing in the foreseeable future.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    Becoming princess has not propelled her to global adoration in quite the fairytale way her inner four year old girl expected.

    Being an ex princess might work out in her brain. Perhaps bear the new mark’s love child before the divorce goes through, for extra cynicism.

  3. The Sussex venture has failed to make it into the celebrity stratosphere and all their booster rockets are used up. It’s all very well to be living your own truth but the inexorable force of gravity is unforgiving and the only option for her now is the escape hatch.

  4. A nice example of the Guardian M.O. there. Write some speculative piece on the emotional lives of Harry and Meghan and the royals, because the public seem to like that sort of thing. But make sure it contains references to misogyny, privilege, and internet hatred, because loyal Guardian readers expect no less.

  5. Once she’s used up Harry, divorce is what’s next. I don’t expect him back, because she’ll weaponise the kids so that he has to stay in the US all the time for him to ever see them and because, without them, who wants to pay her?

  6. Rowdy, U.S. jurisdiction..
    “Ownership” of the kids will be whatever the U.S. courts say in case of a divorce if it’s playing out in the US.

    And the kids are surplus anyway as far as the Crown is concerned.
    Charles is intent on having his Run. By the time that ends ( given his age… 10 years-ish? ) William will have his.
    And William already has the Heir and Spare(s) who by that time are old enough to produce their own in short order if/when needed.

    Harry is surplus where the Crown is concerned, let alone his kids.

  7. And William already has the Heir and Spare(s) . . .

    I again feel the need to mention that William has an unfortunate tendency to travel in the same helicopter with his heir and spares. The odds of Harry becoming King are pretty reasonable. If Meghan is the terribly cynical person she’s made out to be, she’ll be considering those odds. The opportunity to become Queen consort and her child to take the throne will not be discarded lightly.

    And, of course, if she and Harry stay together (because, say, they love each other), that’s what she’ll be accused of.

  8. Dunno PJF…

    Our king has the habit to fly planes/helo’s himself. Most notibly the official state airliner, with his family ( queen ( not ever queen-consort!!), crown princess + spares ( and the entourage of VIP’s onboard…).
    I’ve a feeling the actual risk there is negligible..

    I’d rather bet on the pride and sense of duty ( and possibly the screening process..) of the people involved in maintaining/flying/driving VIP/Royal transportation to minimise Murphy to ensure the continued safety of Crown Prince, Heir and Spares enroute. Whether separate or combined.

    I’d sooner bet on Mistakes Were Made regarding Charles III, however small those odds actually are, given that William doesn’t exactly seems to be chomping at the bit to take over the Family Business.

  9. I think we’re back in Edward VII territory. Meddlesome Prince becomes respected King, reigns for ten years, followed by a relatively young successor who reigns for 25-30 years. I just hope we don’t end up with Prince George trying to pally up to a European dictator egged on by his thrice-divorced American wife.

  10. I’ve a feeling the actual risk there is negligible..

    Perhaps not the ideal assessment, since “negligible” comes from “negligence”. Literally, able to be neglected.

    I certainly hope you, your king and the Prince of Wales are correct on this. For myself, I’m sufficiently concerned about the supply chain of the many critical parts on helicopters that I’m reluctant to travel on one again.

  11. . . . queen ( not ever queen-consort!!) . . .

    “Queen consort” just means wife of a king (with the king being the monarch), as opposed to “queen regnant” who is a female monarch.

    So Máxima is queen consort and Catharina-Amalia will become queen regnant.

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    Boards of Canada – Aquarius

    (though it’s best heard as part of the whole album, if you have the time for a somewhat psychedelic electronica chillout journey – in the dark, good hi-fi, good single malt / preferred substance)

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