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The argument in favour of the Curajus State

How has someone quite so talentless and apparently stupid got to be prime minister?

Clearly, where there is this possibility we must increase the power of the state, right?

7 thoughts on “The argument in favour of the Curajus State”

  1. aaa

    That did make me laugh!

    It’s very true – remember his attack on a professor for the Oxford Center for Business Taxation, or his spat with the BBC when they brought in a female economist to replace him on one broadcast.

    The level of projection and complete lack of self-awareness continues to defy belief.

  2. the potato went to northgate grammar school for boys, so i nice single sex education during puberty. He’s been scared of clever women ever since.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Whenever Diane Abbot is accused of being stupid the left tell us that she went to Oxford. Once again the point about double standards and the left comes to the fore.

  4. And Burgon went to Cambridge. Perhaps there have always been non-academic criteria for getting into Oxbridge and formerly that doesn’t seem to have dented their reputation for academic excellence. But you do begin to wonder now.

  5. Liz Truss was a member of the most intellectual college (ahead of Balliol, her predecessor’s) in Oxford, Murphy attended a reasonable third-class university.

    How has she got to be PM? Well, she got herself elected to Parliament, worked her way up to the Cabinet, won a place on the short-list of two and got elected to lead the Conservative Party and Her late Majesty then followed constitutional precedent by appointing her as PM.

    It’s not a difficult question to answer but perhaps Southampton doesn’t teach its students to think.

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